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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by captainpodnuh, Oct 12, 2003.

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    Based on my memory, we have really only gone long 3 or 4 times this year. When we did go long, we seemd to be very effective because of the separation ability of our receivers. I can remember 3 of these plays. Skylor breaking off the route for a TD; Devery running a post route for a TD; Clayton running a fly for a TD ( I think...). I think these were all before the end of the UGA game.

    UF threw the fly against us three times resulting in positives for them; one down to the 1, and the other 2 resulting in Pass Int calls against us.

    I would love to see us add these routes to the play book on a regular basis. There are several scenarios where we could do this, such as after we run on 1st down for 3 or 4 series in a row. I would love to see us air it up and take a shot. In the UF game, the safeties were zeroing in on Clayton like he was a tacking dummy. A double move on a pump fake would do us well there, since we have exposed one of our tendencies. I would also like to see us use the TE over the middle more consistently. Edwards has proven he can catch and run, and he adds another dimension to our offense.

    Mauck has enough arm to get it down the field, as he demonstrated by connecting with Skylor.
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    going deep

    I agree that the Tigers need to start going over the top a bit more. One of the three you mention (Skyler's) was him running the wrong route. Jimbos offense involves a lot of over the middle crossing routes, bubble screens and basically yards after the catch type of passing game. This is why Josh Reed thrived. Our current recievers are tall and fast and we should take advantage of this by going long at least 3-4 times a game.I was disappointed yesturday that on all the 3rd and longs we didn't take our chances on the long one, its like a punt if you get it picked, and you may draw pass int. like they did twice to us.

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