Pat Boone to CBS: Drop Dead

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    MARTINIZED DISCLAIMER: I do not know for a fact that Pat Boone wrote this letter. I am only passing it along.

    Recently, entertainer Pat Boone wrote News Max editor Christopher Ruddy a letter regarding his feelings on Abu Ghraib and Iraq, the contents of which are published here with permission:

    Mr. Christopher Ruddy
    Editor, NewsMax

    Dear Chris,

    Hasn't anybody got the guts to accuse the worst
    perpetrator in this whole Abu Ghraib prison debacle
    - CBS and 60 Minutes II?

    What do you call it when, in time of war, someone takes military intelligence and turns it over to the enemy, who in turn uses it to kill Americans?

    Isn't that the definition of treason? Did Benedict Arnold do worse? Did Julias and Ethel Rosenberg pay with their lives for something like this?

    It has already been well established, and CBS certainly knew, that the military announced to the press back in January that allegations had been made concerning treatment of prisoners and were being investigated.

    In March there was another announcement that the
    allegations were still being investigated and certain
    service personnel at Abu Ghraib were relieved of their duties and might be court marshaled.

    In other words, while America was fighting a war, the
    military had already taken the allegations seriously, were investigating them and were taking steps to correct the situation. In other words, it was being handled, and handled well.

    These things happen in war on all sides, and though
    they are not excusable, they are kindergarten exercises compared to car bombs, ambushes, rocket launchings and dangling burning bodies over bridges - and this is what the interrogators at Abu Ghraib were trying to find ways to stop.

    Freedom of the press is precious to us, but you can
    abuse any liberty and stretch it out of shape until it
    becomes license, and concerned citizens will call for limitations.

    In this case, if CBS had really cared about the country, about our military, about doing the right thing, they would have taken these pictures, (which they had illegally) and asked the military and the Pentagon what was being done about the abuses. (Although they most likely knew it, they would have been told that the matter was in hand and being taken care of).

    Indeed, a general implored them not to publish the pictures because of what he knew would happen as a result.

    CBS could not have cared less.

    In their mad competition for rating points, dollars, and seeing a great way to blast the President and the war effort in Iraq which they have continually denigrated and opposed, they broadcast the abhorrent pictures - and not just to the United States, BUT TO THE WORLD!

    Knowing full well that we were walking a tight rope,
    trying to fight a war, quell disturbances and build a
    republic for Iraq in the midst of all the terrorist resistance, CBS published these abhorrent pictures knowing they would destroy completely our image and standing in the Muslim world.

    And what about Osama bin Laden? What about the
    terrorists? What about America's image with all our
    allies around the world? And what about America's
    own self image and confidence in their leaders?

    And what did the beheaders of Nick Berg say, just
    before they callously sawed his head off while he screamed, "This is in retaliation for what you Americans did to our people at Abu Ghraib!" And how did they know about these interrogation abuse?

    Though poor Mr. Berg blames George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, it is incontrovertible that his son would be home with him right now had it not been for the publication of those pictures. Mr. Berg is pointing his finger in the wrong direction.

    And as a direct result of CBS callous and patently
    unpatriotic action, America is suffering great loss
    of prestige around the world, and will for decades.

    America has lost credibility with Muslims and the
    Arab world internationally, perhaps forever; and
    every American life is in far greater danger from
    terrorist reprisal, no matter who and where we are!

    Freedom of the press is a cherished commodity,
    guaranteed by our Constitution. But freedoms, if
    they are to be maintained and to have the original
    meaning, must be treated with grave responsibility
    and restraint.

    For me, CBS has become "the enemy within", and I
    hope never to watch the network again. I think most
    Americans ought to reflect on the results of their
    irresponsible and unpatriotic behavior and perhaps
    narrow their viewing options by one network. The next time America or Americans suffer at the hands
    of terrorists, thank CBS.

    Pat Boone
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