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    I have not really commented on Pat Henry and his departure from LSU since it happened but after reading some posts on this board and others I am wondering what damn planet some of these posters are living on.

    First, Pat Henry is to be commended for leading the track teams to 27 track National Titles and i don't intend to minimize his accomplishments but at some point reality must enter into the picture. The truth is that out of the
    27 track titles won by Pat Henry's teams, 22 of them were in Women's Track.
    Pat Henry's track program was primarily a Women's Track program. There were only 5 Men's track Titles won by Pat Henry's teams in his 17 year
    career at LSU. I think that in many people are overestimating Pat Henry's value to the LSU Football program.

    The fact of the matter is that Arkansas is the true National power in Men's Track & always has been. Regarding the value of a top notch Men's Track team, as far as Arkansas goes it hasn't really helped them in overall recruiting for football and arkansas has won over 30 Men's Track National Titles. The last time I checked, I wouldn't trade Nick Saban's recruiting classes for Houston Nutt's.

    Regarding Pat Henry himself, I never have spoken to the man and the only time I ever saw him was on TV or when LSU won a baseball title and his track girls were also invited to attend the NC ceremony. However, I recall Pat Henry making several comments during the presentation ceremony to the effect that he "knew that LSU fans didn't come to see the track team"
    and that "he knew that LSU fans didn't care about the track team".
    I said at the time that what Pat Henry did at those ceremonies was not in good taste. I still think that Pat Henry was just bitter over the success that
    other programs have had and that the championships won by Skip were always a thorn in his side. This past season, watching LSU win a National title in football may have been enough for Pat Henry to look around at other places where winning a NC in women's Track is given more attention than at LSU.

    I do not see any of this as Skip's fault at all. I think that Pat Henry
    made his mind up to leave and that is what he did. He looked around and saw where Skip won 5 NC's in baseball and became the Athletic Director.
    He see's Nick Saban win 1 National Title in football and is looked upon as a God. He looks at his 20 some-odd NC's in track and figures if he is ever going to move on that the time is now. Is it anyones fault? No.
    The truth is that it's just the way it is when you coach track.

    LSU will move on and have a successful track program but the sky isn't falling because Pat Henry chose to leave. It is just unfortunate that some fans want to point fingers at Skip and play the blame game over what is in essence a very minor sport regardless of how many National Titles were actually won.

    Come on football season.
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    Agree 100%. :thumb:

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