Paul Eells dies Monday night

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSU0596, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Don't know how many Tiger fans know, but Long-time Arkansas radio and TV play by play announcer Paul Eells died monday night in a car accident while returning from the Houston Nutt Razorback golf tournament in Fayettville. Apparently he had a heart attack, passed out, crossed the median and hit another car head on. Both died at the scene.
    For those that have never heard him, he was a wonderful announcer. A homer, but always respectful of the other teams success. Most Razorback fans would turn down the TV and turn up the radio just to listen to him.
    He leaves behind a wife and 2(I believe) adult children. He was 71 and was origionally from Iowa. He was the voice of the Razorbacks for 29 years and I can honestly say he was really loved by all in the state. He was also the sports director for channel 7 in Little Rock.
    Having grown up in Arkansas before moving back to Baton Rouge to attend and graduate from LSU I can remember listening to him throughout the 80's and since moving home to Arkansas in 2001, I have listened to him call Razorback games when LSU wasnt playing. I also would listen to him when LSU played ARkansas and never felt annoyed like I feel when I have to listen to other announcers.
    This man was a Christian, a good father, and I have never heard anyone, and I mean anyone have anything negative to say about him. Actually, people have always said he was the nicest guy they ever met, that he could make a King feel special and make a bum feel like a King!
    Anyway, if any of you know any Razorback fans, please give them your condolences because they are truly hurting right now and I mean ALL Razorback fan!!
    God Bless all!
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    I seen that posted on another thread earlier this week.

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