Payback is Hell(o )

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    The day was Nov. 7, 1959, when LSU came to town No. 1 in the nation. The Tigers had not given up a touchdown in 38 consecutive quarters, and, on this day, the streak would reach 40. Dietzel's worst fears were realized as the Tigers went home on the short end of a 14-13 score. The Vols stopped Cannon on a two-point conversion try early in the final quarter and held on the rest of the way.

    Bill Majors, Wayne Grubb and Charley Severance made the play at the northeast corner. Sports Illustrated ran a photo of "The Stop" the next week. Many Vol fans consider this the most famous defensive play in school history.

    The week of the game, Knoxville radio personality Bill Ross penned a prophetic ode: "LSU, who are you? You won't be first when the Vols get through!"

    The game was a classic case of LSU letting the underdog Vols hang around until the Vols took advantage of two major breaks in the third quarter
    Mattingly: 'The Stop' knocked off No. 1 LSU in 1959 ยป GoVolsXtra
    I have lived long enough to see the payback.


    Tennessee played with all the heart we love to talk about .


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