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    Although I don't know much about the details, I've heard the NFL's collective bargaining will include possibly adding HGH to the drug testing program. Many feel that it could help reduce serious injuries and concussions.

    Some fans think HGH (and other) use is rampant in the NFL and the quality of the game may suffer if they test for it. While most MLB fans wanted all PEDs to be eliminated from the sport, many NFL fans don't have the same attitude.

    What is the rough estimate of NFL players that use HGH or other PEDs that are not currently tested? Do these players begin using in college or when they enter the league?

    I've heard HGH can be really expensive and hard to find (compared to steroids). One radio host that I really respect had a difficult time putting a percentage on the NFL players that may currently use PEDs not currently tested.
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    Rough estimate, 40%. Both, the players begin using in college and when they enter the league. I would not guess that HGH is any harder to get than steriods is today.

    The hyper image conscience NFL has little choice in establishing testing, more leverage for the players to use at the bargining table.
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    You know, I still don't see how any professional league can just ban a substance. Let's take HGH for example. Professional athletes are paid money to do what? Produce right? So if a doctor prescribes HGH to an athlete, I don't see how it's fair to the player that he should be suspended possibly kicked out, because he uses something a doctor prescribes. Let's say a guy is injured, why can't he use a substance under a doctor's care that helps him recover faster so he can do his job. I don't know, I have always been against banning substances. Now I know there are people who abuse the substance, and I don't think that is a good thing for their health, or sending messages to kids, but all the same.... you are telling professional athletes, guys who get paid to produce, that they can't take substances that help them produce more. Catch 22 in my opinion.

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