Perilloux on ESPN chat today from AA Game.

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    Fred tyler,tx: Ryan, are you 100% commited to Texas?

    Ryan Perrilloux: No. I am not putting any percentages out there. I AM committed to Texas. That's all you need to know.

    Dan New York, NY: Ryan, Which are your final schools?

    Ryan Perrilloux: Miss. State, South Florida, LSU, Texas, Florida State and Miami.

    Sam (Baton Rouge): Ryan, I was wondering how much Saban's leaving impacted your decision, and was wondering if having a more offense oriented coach in Les Miles makes staying with LSU easier. Hope you have a great offseason and we hope to see you here in Baton Rouge next year. Geaux Tigers!

    Ryan Perrilloux: Saban's decision did NOT affect my decision at all. Miles is a very explosive offensive coach. I am very impressed with him and LSU is close to home. Those are the things I am considering.

    Interesting Stuff.

    We are also still in on DeShawn Jackson. Out for Granger, Benett and Hord.

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