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Permanent Opponents & Division Realignment

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu-i-like, Dec 30, 2012.



    Football Expenses
    1 Univ. of Alabama $31,118,134.00
    2 Auburn Univ. $27,911,713.00
    3 Louisiana State Univ. $25,566,520.00

    Once again LSU is sublimated too #3 under those redneck thugs.
  2. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    That's Expenses, Bama spends about $6,000,000 more than LSU, but makes less Profit than LSU.

    Football Profit
    1 Univ. of Georgia $52,529,885.00
    2 Univ. of Florida $44,258,193.00
    3 Louisiana State Univ. $43,253,286.00
    4 Univ. of Alabama $40,766,391.00
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  3. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    It's all about a lot of things, both talent level & coaching. Butch Jones doesn't have the talent there. he might at some point, but until then, it's another Bama free win.

    Missouri gonna get better? Pinkel's recruiting class is enemic, and not show any signs of closing the gap at #35. He can't compete withe the SEC's heavy hitters. I suspect a coaching change will be coming their way soon.
  4. lsu-i-like

    lsu-i-like Playoff advocate

    Been thinking about this lately. Divisions shouldn't be necessary. Add OKST and UNC. Permenant schedule based on traditional rivalries and proximity. See the following four teams for example. Games played in parentheses.

    MSU (102)
    OM (96)
    Bama (77)
    Ark (56)
    A&M (51)
    AU (43)
    OKST (1)

    MSU (96)
    UT (94)
    Van (83)
    LSU (77)
    AU (70)
    OM (60)
    Ark (22)

    UGA (90)
    AU (82)
    UK (62)
    Van (45)
    UT (41)
    SC (32)
    UNC (10)

    AU (116)
    UF (90)
    UK (65)
    SC (64)
    UT (40)
    UNC (23)
    A&M (5)

    Use SEC record, BCS ranking, and head-to-head record to determine the two teams to play for SEC Championship.
  5. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    You skeered to travel? Hmmm, that makes you a bonified SEC fan. :D
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  6. lsu-i-like

    lsu-i-like Playoff advocate

    I hate that argument - SOS wise, SEC is always at the top. It's not our fault USC has to travel to find competition.

    And to be clear, I was proposing above to eliminate eastern and western divisions and simply tailor the 7 permanent opponents to each team as best you can. I came up with permanent opponents for each team, I think pretty fairly. I think it effectively increased traditional rivalries by ~200 years.
  7. TCUTiger

    TCUTiger Veteran Member

    What is your source for this?
  8. lsu-i-like

    lsu-i-like Playoff advocate

  9. locoguano

    locoguano Fear the Beard.

    As far as putting Missouri in the West for geographic reasons, they are fairly equidistant to both divisions, so keep them in the East for balance.
  10. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Turned down for what!!!???

    Looking at the map makes me wonder how good a superconference would be if the SEC and Big 12 merged together.

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