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    #1 QB Finalizes Camp Plans
    by Ryan Jordan of, June 28, 2004 at 1:15pm ET

    Ryan Perrilloux Profile

    Ryan Perrilloux was recently named the #1 Quarterback in the country and was given a 5-star ranking by TheInsiders. He has now finalized his camp plans and seven teams remain in contention for his signature.

    "I'm still pretty much open. I'm looking at Florida State, Florida, Michigan, LSU, Georgia, Texas and USC. Texas and LSU are recruiting me the hardest right now," Ryan Perrilloux said.

    The Louisiana gun slinger has just now finalized his camp plans.

    "I went to camps at Texas and LSU. I'm going to Florida State and Florida as well."

    Ryan is looking for some very specific things in the school of his choice.

    "I want a place with good facilities, a good program and just good people. I want a respected quarterback coach and I want to start in my first year as well."

    Perrilloux hopes to narrow his favorites list in the next month.

    "I want to get a top 5 by the end of July so that way I know where I'm going to visit. So far I only know that I'll definitley take officials to Texas and LSU."

    What are his goals for his senior season?

    "I just don't want to get hurt. I turned my ankle over in the spring game and it's been nagging me all summer. I'm going to work on my projections and my protections as well. Get the mental aspects down so I can go in and play."

    With Ryan doing so many things well on the field, it's hard to tell exactly what he's best at. What does he feel he does best?

    "I love the comeback route simply because it's the hardest throw to make and I do it pretty well. I also feel very comfortable outside of the pocket and things seem to open up for me when I start moving around."

    Perrilloux's mom will move to the town of whichever school he chooses to be closer to her son. He will announce his decision on Jamie Newberg's "Countdown to Signing Day" show sometime in January.

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