Philly Paper nice story on Miles

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by mcmikel, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Nice article.

    One thing: the comment about coach having to walk by Nick Saban's picture every day got me thinking about expectations and major football programs.

    Les has a golden---and I mean golden---opportunity to, if he's of a mind to think such things, become the definitive, trademark coach in LSU history.

    Think about it: a recent poll we had here a couple of weeks ago named Nick Saban the greatest football coach in school history and the guy was here for only five years. There's no Bear Bryant or Bobby Bowden or Woody Hayes for him to compete with, for example, so while Saban in the short term sets a standard against which Les has to compete, you project out a bit and his winning consistently and big (read: at least one national title) slots him ahead of all of his predecessors.

    All he has to do (I know, easy to say) is:

    1. Win consistently, correctly (no Thug U or Phat Phil Fullmer-esque kind of crap) and, occasionally, big
    2. Stay at LSU for a good, long stretch (at least 10 seasons)

    If he does that, then *he* becomes the defining coach, IMO, in LSU football history.

    (PS-Coach, in case you're reading this, if you want to "rule the roost" at a school like this, stay at LSU and win here. No need to be compared to your mentor up in Ann Arbor, trying to overcome that kind of legacy *wink*.)

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