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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by shane0911, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    Article in USA Today about women in the military and the whole combat mos crap. Article states that they may force the services to lower the standards if "enough" females cant cut the mustard or are just not interested in trying. This is a huge mistake and the plug needs to be pulled quickly.
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    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    sounds like a huge mistake
  3. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    It will no doubt cause FAR more harm than good just to appease a couple of dykes with feelings that havent quite figured out that the world just isnt fair.
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    LSUMASTERMIND Veteran Member

    or that combat isnt for everybody.
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  5. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    I had my Physical fitness test this past weekend and I ran a 1 1/2 mile in 12:45. Not fast by any means but the cutoff for Males under 30 is 13.36. Some chick under 30 who weighed like 110 lbs ran it in around 16 minutes and passed.... Her cutoff was 16.22......... I freaking lapped her.

    Talk about pissed.
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  6. TigersTailgating

    TigersTailgating Waterford Lesticles

    All females put in future combat will be life time pysch patients. I doubt it'll ever happen America can barely handle 3,000 Men dead what happens when American daughters and moms start dying off in droves on battlefields around the world?
  7. HalloweenRun

    HalloweenRun I'll try to be nicer, if you try to be smarter!

    Another friggin social experiment. It will go badly.
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  8. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    You and I and others know this because we are sane. The world has changed and everyone (figure of speech) has to have their piece of the damned pie at all cost. If guys wanna marry guys well fuck go on and do it, if girls want to go to VMI or the Citidel then go give it a shot. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Combat standards are there for a reason. The fact that they mentioned "they may have to be relaxed if not enough females sign up for combat jobs" blows me the hell away. Not only should they never relax them they should make them tougher. Yes I know women can shoot, they can fly, they can push a button to drop a bomb as good as anyone. The ground is a different story. No time for hot flashes, chipped nails, bleeding pussies or "ugh I cant make it can you carry my pack"? Havent even started on "I need a shower" or what happens when they start slinging that shit to other gi's and end up disrupting team unity. Fuck this is a horrible idea.
  9. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    You thought PTSD was bad with dudes? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.....
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  10. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    Holy Shit @LaSalleAve you are right and never even thought of that. Wow

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