Playing Not To Lose

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CalcoTiger, Sep 19, 2004.

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    Our offensive philosiphy has been correctly stated in some articles as playing not to lose. I have big questions about Jimbo Fisher game plans and the way he is preparing this offense for games.

    It looks like to me he has no clue how to call a game in certain situations .

    A case in point is toward the end of the game on the opponents 35 he tries to get cute and instead of using his running game to make sure we get a chance at a field goal he tries to throw 2 downs and runs a very risky reverse which loses yardage. This is poor game management.

    A field goal puts us up more than a touchdown and changes the way Auburn can play the game at the end. Then you put the game on their QB and make him have to throw to win with not alot of time left. Then you put him more at risk and he had never proven he could handle it before.

    Jimbo Fisher has to do a much better job of understanding the game situations and that has nothing to do with QB play. He has done a good job in the past but even last year i wondered at some of his play calling. Last year we had the defense to put it away even with poor play calling.

    I would like to see better game plans. Not one screen was used on their stacked fronts. Where are the quick ins that are great plays with spped recievers.

    I want to see this offense open up and why not take a chance on a deep route other than when it is improvised by the QB. I cant say i remember a long post or any crossing patterns at all.

    Jimbo wake up and do your homework. You can call this Monday morning QB but my dad was a coach and i have been around it my whole life.

    It is important that QB do better at execution but we are not preparing them for success.

    Thats my take anyway.

    Geaux Tigers
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    Good points, but we don't know how limited the playbook is with these two QBs. We might be playing it safe (not to lose), but we may also be trying to keep the D off the field and control the game. AU played some good D, that also limited what we could do.

    I do think we should open it up more, take more risks deep, and try to use our speed on the outside. After reading some more threads and informed posts here, I have re-thought my stance on the offense and think we could stand to take more risks passing. I think that will happen as the season goes on. I can't help but feel if our offensive line plays better, it will open up both the running and passing attacks.

    We just don't know what Fisher saw out there, and how it was limiting our offensive play calls. I don't know for sure, but I think a lot of offensive pass plays are based on reads made by both the WR and QB. Maybe our young WRs are not fully comfortable in that situation. Green being hurt isn't helping either. Last season we had 3 real experienced threats playing WR. This year they are young, and may not fully understand our system. That could be holding Fisher back, then again he could just be playing it safe.

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