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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUTacoma, Sep 3, 2002.

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    Please explain why Michael Clayton, who is one of if not THE number one threat on our team, was lined up against an outmatched linebacker or safety. Putting Clayton in the slot was smart; why didn't Mauck throw the ball downfield more?!?!?! Our longest reception was a meager seventeen yards! Domanick had twelve on his longest run, and on the average day, the best reciever has a much bigger "longest" than the tailback. There were first and ten's that DEMANDED a playaction fly or a playaction post or just a straight drop and throw. No one on that field can cover Clayton; HE knows it, We know it, why do the coaches not know it? Please help me out here!
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    Did you watch the game? Go back and watch the tape. They did cover Clayton long. In my prejudiced opinion he may have been interfered with, but each time he went long he was covered. One time he may have had his man beaten but Mauck was under pressure and by the time he was able to throw the ball, Clayton was far enough down the filed that he had exceeded Maucks range so the ball was underthrown.
    The problem was, if you listened to Saban, wrong routes and dropped balls. I remeber one route where Clayton went long and Mauch threw an out. Saw them getting their signals straight after the play.

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