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  1. Here is a link to NBC, it is for the same article in the Advocate about our opponents accolades towards LSU and a poll on who should play OU. My apologies if someone already posted this.


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    That's my team!
    (For all who don't know what the poll was on)
    It had TCU, LSU, Ohio State, Southern Cal, and Other for the selections. The results from about 25,000 people:
    LSU 40% (about 10,000 people)
    Southern Cal 27% (about 6000 people)
    Ohio State 22% (about 5000 people)
    TCU 8% (between 2000-2500 people-who are mentally retarded at that)
    Other 5% (around 1500 people)

    Most people know what they're talking about, and I don't think that 10,000 people are voting for us out of no apparent reason.
    Eat that Rebels!
    Geaux Tigers!!!

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