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    As per the Advocate this morning:

    Perrilloux credited Flynn with several assists that aren't in the boxscore."He just told me to stay focused and stay calm,"Perriloux said. " He help me out with different stuff like protections. He was there for me the whole time"

    "Without my teammates I wouldn't be at this point. They stuck with me, stayed behind me and knew I was going to one day be able to lead this team."

    Charles Scott:" We know you're going to make a few mistakes, but we're behind you, so just go and play your game."

    Byrd: "THe whole week we knew Pyan was going to get his shot and we were real happy for him.


    For quite a while, I had wondered about the relationship between Flynn and Perrilloux. It was heartwarming to see that Flynn continued to be a heck of a team player, and stayed with Perrilloux, and that Perrilloux appreciated that.

    From these comments, it seems like the offensive unit's chemistry is gelling, including both starter and backup QB's. Reminded me a bit of the 2003 team:thumb: No, I am not thinking about the NC yet, as there are still a lot of hurdles to go through, especially Florida, in 3 wks and probably the SEC Championship, if the chips fall in the right place.
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