Post-Game press conference - FUNNY!

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUGradin99, Mar 11, 2006.

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    I saw parts of this on WAFB news after the game stonight. It's always been said that Glen Davis is quite the comedian behind the scenes. Well he was rattling off the material during the post-game press conference.

    He joked around about his nickname, Brady, and scoring 45 in a high school game inf ront of hie girlfriend, who had broken up with him that day and come to the game with another boy. He says they are still together now.

    There was one part where he asked himself a question. He said "Hey baby, how are you doing?" Before he answered, Tasmin Mitchell to the side of him started saying loudly "Oh my god, Oh my god." (as in he's doing it again, talking to himself). Davis then said "Come on man" to Tas. The whole place was rolling in laughter!

    Then Brady started speaking after that. The first thing he siad was that it's a wonder they can be serious and play a game with that group of players. He carried on the jokes. Asking if there was really an official under Glen when he went out of bounds, cause all he could see was Glen.

    At the end, Brady gave a stupid answer to a stupid reporter question:

    "Will Ben start if Darrell can't go?"

    Brady said it would be either him or Magnum at the point. :hihi: He then said he thinks he'd go with Ben. :hihi:

    By the way, Mitchell says there is a 100% chance of him starting. That no way he will miss a game in his final sec tourney.

    Such a great post game press conference. I wish I could have caught all of it! This was a rare glimpse at the unity that this team has. We always hear about it but rarely get to see it. :tigerhead :bball:

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