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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by sneakyd, Sep 15, 2004.

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    What a ****ing idiot ... 26 points against LSU

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    Jan 26, 2004
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  3. ramah

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    This is an easier read

    Pick # 21/2004 … Miami –30.5 over LA Tech … Miami by 50
    Pick # 22/2004 … Oklahoma –27 over Oregon … OU rolls until further notice
    Pick # 23/2004 … Boise State –27.5 over UTEP … Poor Price shudda stayed @ Titty bar
    Pick # 24/2004 … Mizzou –25 over Ball State … Mizzou going against no defense
    Pick # 25/2004 … Arkansas –31 over UL-Monroe
    Pick # 26/2004 … Marshall +19 over GA … Marshall on a mission … upset watch
    Pick # 27/2004 … South Carolina –13.5 over South Florida
    Pick # 28/2004 … TCU + 6 over TX Tech
    Pick # 29/2004 … Maryland +7 over WVA
    Pick # 30/2004 … FSU –24.5 over UAB … FSU rolls over UAB (no offense) … shut out
    Pick # 31/2004 … Notre Dame –3 over Michigan St …weak MSU falls to decent Dee
    Pick # 32/2004 … Clemson –2 over Texas AM … Clemson is the better team Off & Dee
    Pick # 33/2004 … Oregon State –12.5 over New Mexico … Best bet, OSU offense rolls
    Pick # 34/2004 … Troy St –9 over New Mexico St … hunch pick
    Pick # 35/2004 … Utah –18.5 over Utah State
    Pick # 36/2004 … Memphis –22.5 over Arkansas State … week after LSU syndrome
    Pick # 37/2004 … Minnesota –3.5 over Colorado State
    Pick # 38/2004 … USC –26.5 over BYU … USC by 50
    Hurricane Specials … just in case
    Pick # 39/2004 … Florida +3 over Tennessee
    Pick # 40/2004 … LSU pick over Auburn … LSU rolls 31 - 10
  4. ramah

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    LSU 31, Auburn 10 Happy Birthday Tubby

    Ode to Tubbervile :hihi:
    (Birthday Tribute from LSU by the Metairie Poet)

    Let us raise the toast, let us tip our glass
    To the one we most want to kick their $$$
    Oh Tommy Tuberville, Coach of Gooberville
    Tom Tubbervile, redneck n' a crooked smile
    Then you were a picture of class and grace
    With the big cheap cigar stuffed in your face
    Saban owns $$$ now, you can't climb that hill
    Five and three records don't give them a thrill

    The Auburn admin has you on a very hot seat
    Nick Saban's Champs you know you must beat
    But beat 'em with what, Al please tell me how
    Admin wants results, and they want 'em now
    Jason Campbell, he belongs in a theatre aisle
    Seating movie patrons and flashing his smile
    Relax Tommy; I can make him a quarterback
    Just give me nine months to form the attack

    We use two monsters, Brown's on the bench
    We run a few new plays to rid the old stench
    It's a West Coast offense, we put on a show
    It'll buy us time; they will pay the good dough
    Everyone knows your recruiting has been poor
    Every day you're just a step closer to the door
    Cadillac and all the seniors are your last Hurrah
    Remember don't meddle or it'll be the last straw

    But today is your day and the Tiger gift is nigh
    We are all so excited that the team is sky high
    Damn the hurricane, oh how can this horror be?
    How dare it reschedule your date with Destiny?
    But alas as you look upon your field of Dreams
    Hurricane Nick's howling and you hear screams
    Your head's thumping, loud boos can be heard
    Al, what's up with Campbell, give me the word

    Nick's rabid on his sideline, soon blood will spill
    Touchdown LSU, the Auburn crowd grows still
    Campbell tries passing again but it's to no avail
    All the wind has died down from the Auburn sail
    The crowd is getting antsy, the grumbles begin
    Campbell drops back to pass, but fumbles again
    Good Auburn recovery, Tubby's heart's pity-pat
    Jason looks like he doesn't know where he's at

    The punt roars high; a fair catch has been made
    Auburn's Dee must now try to stop Nick's brigade
    What's this, Oh no, JaMarcus Russell has come in
    Why couldn't we get him here Al ... it's just a sin
    LSU just keeps driving, with their passes so crisp
    Borges mumbles and stutters to Tom with his lisp
    A last desperate blitz, a loud crack is then heard
    The penalty flag flies up with the pass like a bird

    Doucet makes a great grab, Early gets his first TD
    Tubbervile's going nuts on his sideline, it's insanity
    The call, Offsides on the Dee, the six points stand
    The crowd boos loudly, Auburn's Dee pounds sand
    LSU leads fourteen to zip, it's not looking too good
    Tubby shudda cancelled the game, if only he could
    Jason Campbell is pulled and Brandon Cox comes in
    LSU's amazing Blitzing Dee becomes ferocious again

    Brandon does a shuffle and tries his West Coast jive
    He goes three downs and out, but he gets out alive
    Another punt, this one goes low, a runback for sure
    Green is down to their thirty, another 3 point score.
    When halftime comes, LSU leads seventeen to three
    Tubby's so damned frustrated that he can hardly see
    They head to their locker room, Tubby starts to bawl
    He tells his outmanned team, the writing's on the wall

    I've loved you boys dearly, though I don't show it well
    Even though we're gonna lose guys, just give 'em hell
    The whole team they're so touched by what they see
    The poor coach on his birthday, drowning in his misery
    Borges pulls the boys of the West Coast offense aside
    He inspires them like hellcats and appeals to their pride
    They come out on fire, yelling and throwing their hands
    The crowd they go nuts, looking down from the stands

    Jason Campbell leads a drive, and he takes them for six
    The crows roars it's approval, Auburn has found its fix
    But LSU takes the kickoff and they cannot be stopped
    It's so clear to the crowd, Auburn's $$$ will be mopped
    LSU leads 24-10, it's now or never, Jason Campbell is in
    But the Tiger Dee stiffens and Auburn has to punt again
    An Auburn crowd boos him so loudly, Tubby's dying inside
    Another LSU TD has come, now Tubby is playin' for pride.

    Auburn's crowd filters out and Tubby mopes and he pouts
    He looks at the LSU side, Saban jumps, screams n' shouts
    The subs wait hungrily as they have lived to make this day
    Tubby orders them in wholesale; today they all get to play
    Cuz it is just another Football year with five wins and three
    Second Fiddle Auburn and poor Tuberville reek of mediocrity
    Die-hard fans stand & cheer, they know it's Tom's last year
    His last battle done with LSU, he shakes a hand &
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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Miami - 30.5 vs. La Tech

    Tigers 17
    Chickens 13

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    Not only do I take the home 'dog (A&M is a tough place, period, but especially for a non-conf. team that hasn't played in this part of the country in recent years), but I say that Clemson is still shell-shocked over last week's loss to Ga Tech.

    I don't get the OHIO STATE pick, though. I think NCSU finishes what it started last year and gets revenge.

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