Powell and Chesebro have now admitted guilt

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    His sons literally bragged about their ties to Russian banks in 2014 so don't tell me there is nothing to see here. You can try whitewashing it all you want, and that is exactly what you are doing, but his financial ties to Moscow were, and likely are, real.

    I have a healthy distrust for the media, both liberal and conservative flavors of it. The media likes to sensationalize everything. Everything is breaking news. "Walls closing in" has been grossly over used in their attempt to always create urgency for their viewers to stay tuned. That said, with 91 felony indictments and maybe more to come....with trial dates being set and jury pools being selected...the time is coming when there will be a reckoning. One way or another. You've insisted all along that all of this would just magically go away on appeal to the "right court." We will soon see. It hasn't thus far. So, while the "walls closing in" is a sensationalizing of the news, it shouldn't be mistaken for the fact that we are getting closer to seeing these cases prosecuted and once and for all the facts to come out.

    No this is a lie. Trump had the election revisited over and over again. There were recounts in every state he contested and more than one in some states. Arizona even hired an outside firm and they didn't find anything. There were 60 something court cases that were thrown out for lack of evidence. Trump knew, by every first hand testimony we have, that he lost the election. Breaking into voting machines, choosing alternate slates of electors and pressuring the VP to go outside of his constitutional powers to stop the certification of the election, then threatening his life with a mob....Trump didn't want the election revisited...he wanted it overturned. Here we are three years later and there are still people who will argue the election was stolen and it's because of Trump's lies.

    I've never liked Trump. I generally don't like Daddy's boys who pretended they are rich just because their Daddy is, the kind that get a note from Daddy's doctor so they don't have to fight in Vietnam. His incursion into politics hasn't helped anything but I don't need the media to not like him. I didn't like him when the media thought he was a darling. He was the Kardashians back then.
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    it doesn't saying one single thing about Russian banks. some golf guy claims trump sons said they know Russians who like golf. that's the evidence?

    there is no evidence for this and the claims that were made, were proven false, for example the deutche bank thing and the backdoor server connection.

    you have been saying the walls are closing in literally for 5 years. you even used the phrase " walls closing in".
    yes Hillary still does claim that. isn't that your claim as well, that trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election?
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    Did you take help from your parents? Did you fight in Vietnam?

    Sounds like you are just upset he made the most of his opportunities.

    Also, you can’t blame people for not voluntarily signing up for war; especially political wars.

    Drafting people to fight in political wars was not right and should never be accepted.
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