Predicting every SEC team's first loss

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    First loss: at Mississippi State, Oct. 19

    Why: After a 6-0 start to the season highlighted by wins a momentum-building win at Texas in Week 2, the Tigers will suffer their first blemish in Starkville. Last time LSU played at Mississippi State, the Tigers lost by 30 points, but they'll be at least a touchdown favorite this time around against a team that will likely win eight games this fall. A setback here won't be particularly devastating for the SEC West's second-best team, but it does leave the margin for error slim the following week vs. Auburn prior to the showdown at Alabama in November.

    Uh, neaux. Pretty poor logic to make that kind of assessment, but without doubt, a trap game.

    Then there's the rest...

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    George Schroeder (yes I know...who?) Is for some reason always on the local sports station here. He writes for USA Today fwiw and he was saying that even though LSU is favored in Austin he is picking the shorthorns to win it straight up.

    I disagree, he is basing that off of Texass beating UGA in a bowl game and forgetting that if we had an offense we would have beat UGA by 50 in a game that actually mattered. Sorry kiki it is what it is.

    Im not going out any further on the limb, its bad juju. I think this team will be really good.
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