Prediction(Part 2)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by DallasLSU, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. DallasLSU

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    I did ok last week with my prediction of what would happen with USC, but its hard to predict EXACTLY what will I go.

    1st quarter- LSU comes out unbelievably pumped up. The crowd is topping that of the Georgia crowd, which is unbelievable. LSU gets a field goal with the 1st or second offensive series. LSU-3, Auburn 0. Auburn will fire back with a field goal of their own in the quarter as the defenses are both playing as expected. The rest of the quarter will be back and forth. Auburn, 3 and out. LSU, 3 and out.
    End of the 1st quarter: LSU-3, Auburn 3

    2nd Quarter- LSU comes out big time in the 2nd. Broussard tears up this drive with help from Shy and Vincent. Vincent has a great run or two as does Shy, but once again...Alley steals the show. LSU marches in for the Touchdown. LSU-10, Auburn-3. Auburns drive stalls as their running game is doing well, but isn't showing up for the 3rd and 6's or 3rd and longs. Cambell is getting rocked out there and is throwing bricks. LSU gets the ball back and takes it down the field, but misses the field goal. Auburn gets the ball back and takes it down and gets a field goal of their own. LSU- 10, Auburn- 6. The half ends. LSU still leads the close one.
    Half Time Score: LSU-10, Auburn-6

    3rd Quater- Once again, Auburn comes out and stalls, but this time, LSU takes full advantage of it. I expect Clayton to catch a TD pass in this game, and this is where it will happen. LSU-17, Auburn-6. Auburn throws an interception on the next play( or fumbles) and LSU takes it for a field goal. LSU-20, Auburn- 6. The quarter ends on this and the Tiger(LSU) fans are starting to get excited.
    End of the 3rd Quarter-LSU-20, Auburn- 6

    4th quarter- LSU fans are going crazy. But Auburn isn't done. Cadillac shows why he is in contention for All-American honors and he breaks a big run and puts Auburn right back into it. LSU-20, Auburn- 13. The rest of the 4th is on pins and needles. Auburn comes close, very close to tying the game, but LSU's Defense comes up huge with a 4th down turnover. LSU runs out the clock and scores again to secure the win.
    End of the game: LSU-27, Auburn-13.

    I'm probably completly off on how it will happen, but I think this is about right. I think Gaudet will bounce back and go 2/3 or 2/4 on Field goals and he will *I hope* make all of his XP's....
  2. hhstigerdad

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    Aug 28, 2003
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    I'll take 27-13 any way we can get it.

    GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!:lsup: :eek:ldskule:

  3. westau

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    It is just about impossible to predict how the game happens, but that is what makes football so great.
  4. Russell Durham

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    Oct 13, 2003
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    I honestly believe Auburn is the toughest TEAM (noticed I said team, not game since you never know with ole' Miss) we have left to play. If we beat them-in a convincing manner we will be in good shape and then we will get a little bit of love. Until then the Trev Albert's of the world are going to keep saying we are overrated.

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