president offends queen over food.

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    talk about fragile egos.....check this one out:

    Fit for a queen, dicey for W. .......or......

    Too many cooks spoil the President.

    George W. Bush has allegedly offended Queen Elizabeth II by bringing no fewer than five of his personal chefs to Buckingham Palace.

    "Her Majesty greeted the news that Bush was coming with his own chefs in absolute silence," a snitch tells London's Daily Telegraph.

    "That's her general way of expressing disapproval. She's not thought to be [thrilled] about the whole visit anyway, but when you consider that she has excellent cooks herself, you can see why this would be taken as a bit of an insult."

    The POTUS with the mostest, who doesn't like to travel abroad, may have been afraid the queen's cooks wouldn't fry pork rinds the way he likes them.

    The White House didn't return a call yesterday. But the Telegraph quoted one Bush source saying, "He's the President of the United States - maybe he needs a late-night snack."

    Hold the pretzels.

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