Pro-style Offense vs Nick Saban's DEEFENSE

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    "They have a good offensive scheme," Saban said. "Coach [Mike] Riley has done a good job there, and they run a lot of pro-style type sets that they execute well. Taking care of the ball and making big plays will be key to winning. Whether we affect the quarterback always is a factor on the outcome of the game."

    Saban, who had experience defending against professional-style offenses as a former NFL assistant coach, said the Beavers run an offense similar to the NFL's Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

    "They're totally a one-back team, except for some two tight-end sets in mostly short-yardage situations," Saban said. "They're pro-style, they run lots of screens, control passes, but they make big plays on those because of their ability to catch and run the ball."

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