ProFootballWeekly gives their opinion on Del Rio to LSU

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    Jaguars' Del Rio draws LSU’s interest asks associate editor Jeff Reynolds for his thoughts on the hottest topics in the NFL.

    Del Rio may be considered fallback option if college coaches don’t connect with LSU

    Nick Saban’s hire as head coach and, informally, general manager last week created a marquee college opening at LSU. One year removed from a national title, LSU could create interest among NFL coaches, including 49ers head coach Dennis Erickson, former Browns head coach Butch Davis and, according to published reports, Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. Louisville coach Bobby Petrino, Oklahoma State's Les Miles and Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt have spoken to LSU, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which states that trio might be preferred over Del Rio and others.

    PFW: Do you believe Del Rio has interest in coaching at the college level?

    Reynolds: When pressed on the topic by Florida media on Tuesday, Del Rio gave only indirect answers like “I don’t care to get into speculative questions along that line.” Not closing the door on a interest in college jobs can only spark further speculation that Del Rio, who went to USC, would be interested in going to Baton Rouge. Del Rio is a dynamic, type-A personality who would recruit the socks off the state of Louisiana, the strategy Saban employed to resurrect a sunken LSU program. A "defense wins" coach with strong ties and allegiances throughout the league, Del Rio could assemble a top coaching staff without issue. Not to mention, Del Rio would more than likely earn more money at LSU; he makes a lowly, by NFL standards, $1.3 million per year in Jacksonville. The Tigers paid Saban more than $3 million last season.

    The distraction is unwelcome in the Jaguars’ locker room. With a win at Oakland and a combination of other variables falling in the right order, the Jaguars would be back in the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

    PFW: Who would be the best candidate to replace Del Rio in Jacksonville if the position became available?

    Reynolds: Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. The Jaguars’ brass is enamored of Crennel and the Patriots’ model and Crennel wouldn’t be deterred, we assume, by the modest salary. According to published records, Del Rio is the third-lowest paid head coach in the NFL, ahead of Minnesota’s Mike Tice and Lovie Smith (Bears). Given Crennel’s experience and credentials (four Super Bowl titles as an assistant coach) the Jaguars would have competition for Crennel’s services unless, of course, the Patriots’ playoff advancement keeps the coach from being fully available until early February. What ultimately might have to happen for Crennel is a team will have to hire him upon their first meeting. To ensure parallel thinking on the future direction of the franchise, Crennel then would be in contact with GM James Harris and pro personnel director Charles Bailey during Senior Bowl scouting and the early stages of free agency.

    Another option, and a coach who could be available as soon as Monday, is Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. He’s in the mold of Del Rio and Jim Mora Jr. The son of Dick Nolan has a bulletproof reputation around the NFL and was groomed under Dan Reeves and more recently Brian Billick. Del Rio left for Jacksonville after one year with the Panthers, but had risen in the ranks with the Ravens. Nolan has a dynamic, energetic personality and would win every interview he earns.

    I added this: It has been reported multiple times that LSU will interview Nolan who coached LSU linebackers under Arnsparger.
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    Hey, great find, thanks!

    Talk of Del Rio's ability to put together a good staff is very interesting.

    I like a few of the guys mentioned in recent days, but Jack's been #1 on my list from the first time I heard his name mentioned. Damn right he'd recruit like hell, and he'd win as well.
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    del rio sounds good to me, but i don't think he'd leave so soon. if he sticks around jax (and keeps doing well) he knows he'll end up with more money than lsu can pay him
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    Fallback option? I would take this guy over Petrino in a heartbeat.

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