Putin says Saddam planned to attack U.S.

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    Putin Says Russia Warned U.S. on Saddam
    ASTANA, Kazakhstan (Reuters) - Russia warned the United States on several occasions that Iraq's Saddam Hussein planned "terrorist attacks" on its soil, President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

    "After the events of September 11, 2001, and before the start of the military operation in Iraq, Russian special services several times received such information and passed it on to their American colleagues," he told reporters.

    The Kremlin leader, who was speaking in the Kazakh capital, said Russian intelligence services had many times received information that Saddam's special forces were preparing terrorist attacks in the United States "and beyond its borders on American military and civilian targets."

    "This information was conveyed to our American colleagues," he said. He added that Russian intelligence had no proof that Saddam agents had been involved in any particular attack.

    Russia had diplomatic relations with Saddam's Iraq and opposed the U.S.-led military offensive that toppled him.

    Putin's comments come after President Bush was forced to defend his charge that there had been links between Saddam and al Qaeda that partly justified the U.S.-led invasion.
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    It doesn't matter, The Liberals and people that hate Bush will still say we had no business going into Iraq.
    They will say that their is no proof of WMD's or the link to Al Qaida and that it is spreading our troops then and taking away from the war on terror.

    They will constantly attack our troops over the stupid Obu-Grab prison scandal to
    undermine the effort in Iraq.
    Ted Kennedy was right, this is like Vietnam when the networks cover Iraq.

    Its really funny to me that you hear about the prison scandal everyday for months and
    there is very little coverage of the UN scandal, especially this UN sex and discrimination
    scandal that is developing today.

    Its all politics, you don't hear anything from Kerry or the Libs about the UN scandal and
    more ongoing scandals.
    Now this morning they are talking about sex and discrimination inside the UN.
    Yesterday a UN employee was suspended because of coming out of the closet about
    the UN.

    How comfortable the left is in this country and have forgotten 9-11 or just don't care!
    They must be living in Neverland.
    They would rather believe Dan Rather or anyone else besides our government.
    :dis: :dis: :dis: :911: :usaflagwa
    I don't understand why this administration doesn't do a better job defending
    themselves with the evidence out there.
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    Saddam not only planned to attack the US ... but also kill the older Bush as we all know.

    Gee, what would you do if you were president ... and your father, a former president, was targeted for an assination by a piece of crap mass-murdering genocidal maniac like Hussain

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... Mother Green or Death From Above ... Let's see ... hmmmmmmmm ... decisions, decisions

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