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  1. J_Oats

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    Aug 25, 2001
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    next year this is what the roster should look like at QB

    Matt Mauck
    Marcus Randall

    Rick Clausen

    Lester Richard

    Robert Lane
    Matt Flynn

    That is two QB's with good game experience, A highly touted High school quarterback in his second year in the system(Richard) and two highly touted high schoolers. Looks like Rick Clausen's future is in doubt.

    In my way too early, should be concentrating on the season at hand question of the day, who starts next year, Randall or Mauck? or maybe a suprise?
  2. red55

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Why is junior OB Harrison missing from your list? You think he's going to transfer for a third time? They say he has poise and an arm, when he learns the offense, he may be a competitor.
  3. BigJ4LSU

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    Well if Randall keeps improving and winning I say he keeps the job.
  4. ChuckE

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    Oct 17, 2002
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    IMO we have watched three different performances by Randall. All fans may not be wondering which of the three Randall QB's is going to show up at game time, but there are many that feel the same as I do. I admit the performance against UK was much closer to the SC game than Auburn. With that said, I believe we have seen the best Randall has to offer. The Miracle play does not make Randall a great QB. Maybe some how the Miracle play will boost confidence of the offense. I hope it will and they roll against the tide. That shotgun draw and fake draw from the shotgun is only going to work so many times, and much less against a team like Bama. We have to rely on plays like that because he (Randall) needs to build his confidence. Randall has had three starts now. It's time for him to take the diaper off now and understand he is the QB today, "Not the backup" for the offense of the flagship university in the Great State of Louisiana "LSU". Matt did not lose his starting position to Randall, he is out because of an injury. You would think Randall would be taking every play and making it count. Matt will be back, and IMO should have no problem taking the job back. Randall had a very good performance against SC. Randall cost LSU the game against Auburn. Randall had a so-so performance against UK including the miracle play. I've said it before and I'll say it again...LSU is a good QB away from being a very good top five team. We will never reach that level with Randall. We'll continue to wonder...which Randall QB will stand up from week to week.

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