Quck thought from a UofA season ticket holder:

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by aztiger, Mar 13, 2005.

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    That happens to be a die hard Tiger Fan from LA. If these two teams meet it is a bad match up for AZ, as is any real physical team. If score is high, 80's, huge edge for AZ, LSU cant keep up. If it is 1/2 court and defense, with a low score, edge goes to tigers. I personally dont see how AZ will match up with Bass, but Fry will be a problem for LSU as well. Stoudamire (Damon's little cousin) is the best pure shooter I have ever seen besides Chris Jackson. And Just like CJ, HE is 90%+ from the free throw line. He literally has unlimited range. Hassan Adams can jump like Dupree, and has a few amazing slams every game, extremely explosive but not extremely consistant. (like Dupree)
    Should be a fun game, (IF BOTH WHEN....BIG IF) but LSU should be physical and really try to bully AZ, that is where they (AZ) have had trouble matching up.
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    Yea, Stoudamire reminds me of that kid Arkansas had years ago named Dillard. This was back in the day w/ Corliss Williamson and Scotty Thurman. Dillard could shoot from the sidelines near half court and couldn't miss.

    Anybody else remember who I'm talking about?

    One game at a time, but I think an LSU/AZ matchup would be a great game, w/ LSU having the edge.
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    for what ever reason LSU has had u of a's number... over the years LSU has done very well agianst u of a.

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