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    Does Tennessee travle to Baton Rouge this season? If so, the Lady Tigers have a good chance of winning the SEC. Both Tenn. and LSU are the class of the SEC this season, probably with Arkansas (Go Lady'Backs) and Georgia or Vanderbilt rounding out the top 4. Florida and Mississippi State still has some great talent to work with too. Here's my predictions:
    1. Tenn-It wouldn't suprise me for LSU to dethrone them but the LadyVols still have tones of All-Americans
    2. LSU-Will battle Tenn for the title
    3. Arkansas-This maybe wishful thinking but I think we have the complete package now(we finally have a post player in Vaden and a powerful forward in Pfieffer)
    4. Vanderbilt-Early nod over MSU and Georgia because of their two seniors.
    5. Georgia-Has a great freshman class incoming but will the youth be ready to contribute that early?
    6. Florida-Carolyn and Hayden should provide enough punch to muscle the Lady Gators to the NCAA's
    7. MSU-As long as Thomas is still there, they'll have the offense to compete.
    8. South Carolina-The Lady Gamecocks won't fall completely off the map with Penn.
    9. Auburn-Kind of an enigma the past two seasons
    10. Alabama-What happened to this program?
    11. Kentucky-may move up a little
    12. Mississippi- No comment

    Living in Arkansas, we're excited to bring the SEC tournament to the Natural State. It should be an exciting tournament.
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    SEC thoughts

    I think that you know your stuff, adsfkl. I think Tennesee will battle LSU for the conference top spot this year but I think Georgia and Arkansas will be there.

    I like your Lady 'Backs. Vaden will complenet Christon really well in the paint and Lewis and Cherry will be a very capable backcourt. I'm not terribly familiar with Pffiefer, what are her credentials??
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    Your right, Vaden will complement Christon nicely. Additionally, Cherry and Lewis will contribute greatly, Cherry is incredible athletic and underrated. The one question mark is point guard. Amy Wright was amazing for the Lady'Backs for four years and was underrated by the fans in this state due to the Post-Christy Smith Era. Lewis will play the point some but we also got a Freshman recruit that was at one time in the top 60, Rochelle Vaughn. However, I have not seen her name since.

    Sarah Pfieffer is a three-time all-stater from Ozark, which went 99-5 in her 3 years in high school. In addition, Ozark won two state championships and upset #3 team in the nation, Fort Smith Northside her junior year. Because her team was so dominate, Sarah's playing time was a minimal: averaging fewer than 2 and 1/2 quarters a game. Still, she averaged 30 points, 15 rebounds, 7 blocks, 4 steals, and 3 assists per game.

    The Democrat Gazette choose La Tech's signee Tamika Kursh as player of the year, which was totally wrong, while the rest of the publications choose Vaden, which had more merit than Tamika. However, Sarah's stats exceed both's. Vaden will probably produce more than Pfieffer in college because of her potential and Arkansas' lack of post play but Pfieffer was truely the best high school player. Sarah will fight though.

    Probably the most important factor for Arkansas, she committed early and helped convince Vaden with the decision to choose Arkansas because they played AAU together. Together, Vaden and Pfieffer brought in a commitment from another teammate: Harrison's senior-to-be Danielle Allen, top 50 recruit for next season.

    I love the SEC and can't wait for the play to begin.

    By the way: Didn't a girl from Arkansas sign with LSU a year ago: I believe her name was Gwedlyn Jones. If this is true, is she doing well? I sure hope so. The better Arkansans do, the more quality players this state will produce.

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