Rabalais: 5 reasons LSU should leave SEC

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TigerTap, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. ParadiseiNC

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    You are kidding, right? His alma mater, and devotion, are certainly relevant. Whether conscious or unconscious, his affiliation w/ALA could certainly affect how the schedule is set. How can you consider that a "convenient point"? That logic is what perpetuates inequities at multiple levels in our society. He may be a great guy, and may be doing a good job w/a tough assignment, I don't know, but I do know that his loyalties, and any perceived inequities in scheduling are certainly relevant.
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  2. COTiger

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    Scan the board and you will be able to read it twice.

    Chill Bro, the Tigers aren't going anywhere. Beat Bama and you won't have to read the bullsh*t articles.
  3. tigerchick46

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    I agree, bring it!

    And you already are a closet Cajun Fan.....:)
  4. ehusson80

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    Funny how that was conveniently left unmentioned...
  5. ehusson80

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    closet Bama fan is more like it
  6. tigerchick46

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    That goes without saying.....he's all over the board.
  7. TUSKtimes

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    Thanks Plotalot. My main point was that the similarity between 2011 Alabama and 07 LSU was the eye test. The football world was in awe of the proficiency of these two fine football machines. Thus the opportunity to represent, even though both teams had to fight through some personal setbacks.
  8. kluke

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    While I would not want to leave the SEC, I would not be opposed to an 'unofficial' discussion getting 'leaked' to the media. It never hurts to remind people who think their butt hole doesn't stink that crap comes out of it. The SEC likes to think they are perfect but their bowl and schedule policies are really bad. The SEC office did not make Bama, LSU, Florida, GA, and others great teams - the great teams made the SEC; and the great fans made the great teams.
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  9. martin

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    Papers should not pressure columnists to write when they have nothing to say.
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  10. ThePhenom74

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    LSU will and should never leave the SEC. The article is a joke as is the notion of LSU leaving. Fact is LSU played for a BCS title last year and easily could have this year with better coaching and leadership. LSU had Bama beat but poor coaching on the final LSU drive, the pathetic uber soft prevent D, and then the personnel breakdown on the TD lost the game. LSU has its destiny in their hands. Quit making sorry excuses by blaming the SEC bias for Bama. Does the SEC seem to favor Bama, to an extent yes. But this goes on in every conference. If LSU goes to the Big 12 we will certianly be behind Texas and Ou who are their established stars. In the Pac 10 its USC. Big Ten is OSU and UM. Also the schedules cycle so sometimes you luck out.

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