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Random thoughts of the day

Discussion in 'New Roundtable' started by Sourdoughman, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member Staff Member

    my damn water pump is broke
  2. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Why would anybody wanna do drugs when they could just mow a lawn? -- Hank Hill
  3. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    I'd like to thank my dad for coming. -- Robin Williams
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  4. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Friday, September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. When are we going to have a Talk Like Les Miles Day?
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  5. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    I have a want for Talk Like Les Miles Day
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  6. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    It would be a real quality day.
  7. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    An actual street in a rural area near Springdale, R Kansas. I took the picture myself Hillbilly Lane.jpg
  8. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    There is a road near my home town that I can't take a picture of the road sign because people keep stealing it.

  9. HalloweenRun

    HalloweenRun I'll try to be nicer, if you try to be smarter!

    So, we are doing a start of school deal on Character Development. The word for my class was OPTIMISM. We had a poster contest to express optimism in a poster. Here is my favorite. 8th graders, remember.

  10. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Why would anyone build a museum dedicated to Spam?

    The SPAM® Museum

    Few experiences in life are as meaningful and meaty-filled as those you'll have at the magnificent SPAM® Museum. Referred to by some meat historians as The Guggenham, Porkopolis or M.O.M.A. (Museum Of Meat-Themed Awesomeness), the SPAM® Museum is home to the world's most comprehensive collection of spiced pork artifacts.

    The family-fun packed museum features 16,500 square feet of tastefully presented SPAM®-filled history. You won't have to fight for tickets because admission is free. Visit and you'll be tickled pink by the SPAM® trivia and vintage SPAM® brand advertising. Plus numerous SPAM® displays including the World War II exhibit, SPAM® Game Show quiz, Monty Python tribute and more. There's even a SPAM® store so you can stock up on priceless SPAM® collectibles on your way out.

    But you can't truly ever know how great the SPAM® Museum is just by reading about how great it is. You have to come here to experience this life-altering pure pork bliss for yourself. So pack the family car for a meat-packed day of fun at the Eighth Wonder Of The World: The SPAM® Museum.

    [​IMG] upload_2014-8-30_16-32-10.jpeg

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