Rational look at the game (with stats)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by sugarlsu, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Team Stat Comparison Tennessee LSU
    1st Downs 12 20
    3rd down efficiency 7-15 7-16
    4th down efficiency 0-2 1-1
    Total Yards 217 434
    Passing 121 215
    Comp-Att 12-23 19-33

    Rushing 96 219
    Rushing Attempts 37 36
    Yards per rush 2.6 6.1
    Penalties 3-10 9-54
    Possession 30:07 29:53

    Some thoughts:

    1. If anyone saw these stats without seeing the game they would think that LSU won in a blow out and finally got their offense going.

    2. When the turnover ratio is negative 4, any team can beat the other team. On top of that throw in when the turnovers occured, and it makes them even more meaningful.

    3. On top of the 4 turnovers, we missed a field goal, and other scoring attempts because of fouls which the players committed.

    4. We are 5-0, and there are some really good teams out there with 2 losses.

    5. The glaring coaching error to me was not sending in a 2nd play when JJ ran it to the 1.

    6. Until he proves otherwise, Lee needs to be the QB most of the time.

    Some questions:

    1. I know the final fault for everything lies at the HC position. But I would like to know is CLM protecting GC?

    2. Who sent in JJ without a second play?

    3. Who decided to run in a substitution package instead of calling a spike?

    Final thoughts:

    I believe there is no point firing anyone right now. I believe Les will have to fire GC at the end of the season, and turn over clock management to the new OC. And while there are some coaching errors, the coaches are getting blamed for some serious player errors.

    I love LSU! and I am happy for the players and the coaches that we won! 5-0 is nice.

    OK... blast away....

    but.............GEAUX TIGERS!
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  2. paducahmichael

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    I'm with you - a good analysis.
  3. northernvatiger

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    Good post. There are some positives to take from this game. JL hit some nice passes, a few of them in stride, something that JJ can't seem to do.

    Ridley is a beast.

    The D played very well in spite of the 4 turnovers by our O.

    My questions are similar to yours -- I'd like to know how to correct the penalties -- why do we seem to have so many false starts on O? Is it that the team and JJ are just not in synch?

  4. Krypto

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    There are a good number of positives from the game. We just need to fix the shoot ourselves in the foot style of play. Too many penalties and too many bone head plays.
  5. Trolyce

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    What impressed me about JL is when he yelled at the sideline to "RUN THE BALL." Looked like a leader for a second and it's a f-ing shame that the QB out there knows better than the OC/HC.

    Question now will be does Miles have the coconuts to name JL the starter and sit JJ. JJ shouldn't see another down.
  6. Herb

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    Don't forget that his Dad was a coach.
  7. Fishhead

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    Excellent post Sugar. One thing I disagree with...you shouldn't have to tell JJ that if he doesn't get in, line 'em up and spike it. THEN we'll figure out what to do.

    What if the result of the first play was a 5 yd loss? Then that second play is different that what it is if it's down at the 1. Maybe JJ spikes it, and they send Lee in to throw a TD pass to Dpete. See what I mean? I think Miles was dumb to put JJ back in at all. But calling a second play? Too many variables. The second play is a no brainer. Clock it.
  8. MikeInLa

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    Good post sugarlsu. I think Lee should start now. Obviously, he and JJ both aren't great QB's, but Lee is definitely better than JJ from what I've seen so far. Even if he costs us a pick now and then, when he's on, he is very on. The guy has a cannon and showed tonight that he can hit targets in stride. I think pulling Lee out in the last seconds was a mistake, breaking up the players who are already out there, already in the moment. I must say, I've never seen a game end like that one did... crazy stuff!
  9. Herb

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    Absolutely agree with this.
  10. LaSalleAve

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    great post man and I'm with you. I would love to know who is making the personnel decisions, and who is calling the game with it on the line like that. The last time we had the ball in the closing seconds of the game, down on the scoreboard in enemy territory with a chance to win was Ole Miss. Unless that happened against Penn State in the Cap 1 bowl, to be honest i really don't remember much about that game.

    Who is controlling the play calling and personnel packages in the hurry up? For 1 Jefferson should have never come back in the game, they telegraphed that one. I mean who thought he was going to pass the ball? They may as well have put Faulk at quarterback. 2nd, why they didn't get a play in without subbing is beyond me.

    The turnovers and penalties killed us. Other than that, and Jordan Jefferson's complete lack of passing ability, I saw some things that made me have hope.

    I think Jarrett Lee has grown up a little. I think he still makes dangerous throws, but at this point I would rather have Brett Favre than Robert Mavre.

    Stevan Ridley has turned into a great tailback. I had some negative things to say about him after week 1 and I was totally wrong. This kid has heart and is our offensive MVP right now.

    Receivers after dropping passes came back and fought for Jarrett Lee, it's obvious they have given up on Jefferson.

    The defense had some bad moments, but credit Tennessee for taking what we gave them. We blitzed alot!!! This D is still one of the best in the country.

    Geaux Tigers!!

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