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    here's one that covers cooking with flavored wood as well as making a pretty awesome chili: (note: if you don't have a smoker, you can slow cook the pork in the oven after marinating it for 24 hours with a dry spiced won't get quite the same flavor as smoking over wood but it will still be good).

    Black Bean Chili With Smoked Pork

    3 pounds pork loin
    1 pound dried black beans
    4 cloves garlic
    3 tablespoons chili powder
    5 hot chile peppers -- skinned and chopped
    1 tablespoon ground cumin
    1 teaspoon oregano
    1 medium onion -- chopped
    2 whole jalapenos -- skinned and chopped
    28 ounces crushed tomatoes -- drained
    28 ounces chopped tomatoes -- drained
    1 cup cheddar cheese -- shredded
    1/2 cup fresh cilantro -- chopped
    1 cup sour cream
    2 avocados -- diced
    1/2 cup onion -- chopped
    Cover and soak beans overnight or longer. Start the smoker and when hot, put the pork loin on the smoker, using your favorite wood for flavor. (I used hickory.) Smoke for an hour or so at 225F and then hold until you're ready to start assembly. Pour everything in a stock pot except the tomatoes, jalapenos and, of course, the garnishes. Keep covered with water and cook 6 hours on low heat (cover the pot but leave cracked slightly open to allow a bit of steam to escape). Add additional water as necessary. After 6 hours, remove meat and shred. Put the shredded pork back in the pot and add tomatoes and jalapenos (as many as you want) and cook another hour or until thickened. Serve in individual dishes along with garnishes. Garnish with chopped cilantro, sour cream, chopped onion, diced avocado and shredded cheese.

    From: M&MSubia

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