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    One thing I like about Coach Miles is that he is committed to the high school players in Louisiana. I thought I would take a look at the percentage of Louisiana high school players LSU sign compared to the University of Alabama, and how many Alabama high school players they sign. I find it interesting that Coach Saban is signing fewer Alabama high school players each year. You wonder how that will serve him over the long run with Alabama high school players and their coaches?

    LSU recruiting from 2008 - 2011. All the data were calculated using the website and the signing totals for 2011 are signings to date.

    Year (% of in state players)
    2008 (54%)
    2009 (50%)
    2010 (45%)
    2011 (70%)

    Alabama recruiting from 2008 - 2011. Again the 2011 totals are to date according to

    Year (% of in state players)
    2008 (53%)
    2009 (37%)
    2010 (31%)
    2011 (32%)
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    These are both coaches and programs that are elite recruiters. They can pick and choose from the best HS players in the country. It's a bit easier to recruit in state if you've built good relationships with HS coaches. But the best available recruits, or the recruits that a team needs to fill their holes, aren't always available in state. I've never but a lot of stock in how many home state recruits any team has. I've always noticed that Oklahoma seems to have more recruits from Texas and they're a consistently good team. Because there's a lot more elite players in TX than OK.
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    I hate to be contrarian, but LSU has a fairly unique situation in LA. In general, Miles has an easy job picking up all the state's talent because there isn't another competitive LA school. Bama and Auburn occasionally grab a blue chipper - but its so rare Tiger fans freak out.

    I do think Miles goes after in-state first - most coaches want the best local kids before they go outside. I'm just saying I think Miles would build an out-of-state class in a heartbeat if the in-state pickings weren't so good.

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