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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by Jester, Dec 3, 2010.

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    Just a couple of questions for all of you recruiting guys who are more in the know than I am..............

    It seems that over the past 3 years we have had some issues with our offensive and defensive line performance. I know that some of it had to do with coaching. I am more impressed with Haley and I think he coaches up our D-Line well. I am less impressed with Studwara and also don't really like the zone blocking schemes we use ( or the lack of utilization of speed/pulling/kickout blocks but that has more to do with play design and playcalling ) Also, it seems that our Linemen on both sides of the ball are not as well conditioned as they were in the 2000-2007 years. They seem to really be losing alot of the battles in the 2nd half whereas in years past, we always REALLY came on strong toward the end of the game when others teams were sucking wind.

    Anyway, back to my main question, one issue that seemed to be at the forefront this season was that while our linemen on both sides of the ball are quick, and fairly strong, we are lacking the size to be competitive with some of our SEC foes. There are some times when speed isn't going to get the job done, and if your opponent has 60 lbs of muscle on you, even strength is not often going to work in your favor. ( see Arkansas O-Line and D-Line and Auburn's D-Line demolishing ours )

    Last year and this year, have we been bringing in guys with the size or the frame to be more competitive with the teams that are beating us in the trenches? I know technique is important and speed is important, and while we aren't some Big-10/Big-12 team with 350lb ogres guys across the line, we also aren't a 2007 Rich Rod WVU Spread Offensive Line or 2008 Utah Defensive team with 220 lb D-Linemen.................both teams were effective in their own way, but they definitely aren't LSU and they sure weren't playing against our competition week in and week out.

    So, where do we stand? I know we brought in some stars last season with Jordan Allen, Ego Ferguson, Justin Maclin, and Evan Washington and this one with Freak Johnson, La'el Collins, Trai Turner, Corey White.........and we're still hoping for Jemauria Rasco, Greg Robinson, Tim Jernigan (?), and others........but basically, are we putting ourselves in a position to be dominant in the trenches once again?
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    I think Chavis is trying to diversify the D-line by recruiting both big bodies and speed and utilize them both in substitution packages (his Mustang package). But I think injuries and good game planning by the other team will have light d-lineman in the game in a power run situation.

    Offensively I think attrition has been the thing to hurt the o-line, many guys leaving early in their careers which gave us a gap. Also some guys not wanting to switch over to o-line has hurt us as well... Look at Chris Davenport, I think he would be a much better o-lineman than d and he refused to switch. I'm not putting the kid down in anyway, I hope he gets to play d-line and plays light out. I just always thought even in High School he would be a better o-lineman at the next level.

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