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    Nov 7, 2002
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    1) A QB that can hit a wide open receiver deeper than 15 yards down field.

    2) A QB that can run the ball without fumbling it 33% of the time.
    ( scares the hell out of me when our qb holds the ball a foot from his body when he runs)

    3) A tight end that can catch the ball when it is thrown to him instead of having hands of steel.

    4) A defense back, no several defensive backs that have some size to them, can run and catch, and hit like a mack truck. Not the small 5' 6" guy that weighs 165 lbs. that can run. A 6'2" to 6' 4" guy that weighs 200. Hey I Think I just put a bunch of Michael Claytons in the defensive backfield.

    5) Another head hunter on kickoff teams, aka #49.

    6) Another all around player on offense, and special teams. aka #31

    7) A good field goal kicker, and can kick the ball in the end zones on kickoff.

    8) A another LB that can lead the team, aka #7

    Thats all for now how about some more from ya'll.

    Geaux Tigers

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