Reggie Bush declines interview as Feds make a case

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    FBI Probes Firm That Recruited Reggie Bush
    FBI Investigating Firm That Tried to Recruit Football Star Reggie Bush, Lawyer Says
    The Associated Press

    "They've asked now to interview Reggie and his parents," Cornwell said. "I intend to cooperate, yes."

    April Langwell, an FBI spokeswoman in San Diego, said she could neither confirm nor deny any investigations.

    The NCAA and Pac-10 are investigating whether any rules were broken when Bush's family lived in a suburban San Diego home owned by Michael Michaels, a principal in New Era Sports & Entertainment, while Bush was still playing for Southern California last season. The NCAA prohibits student-athletes and their families from receiving extra benefits from agents or their representatives.

    Michaels and his partner, Lloyd Lake, a documented gang member serving time in prison, formed New Era late last year in the hopes of signing Bush to handle his marketing, and bring aboard a San Diego agent to handle contract negotiations. Their hopes were dashed when Bush signed with another agent and marketing representative.

    San Diego attorney Brian Watkins, who represents New Era, said in April he plans to sue Bush's parents for $3.2 million. Watkins said Bush's parents owed $54,000 in rent for the year they lived in Michaels' house.

    "We have been contacted by the FBI to discuss the conduct of the individuals represented by Watkins," Cornwell said.

    Reached by phone Wednesday, Watkins said he was unaware of the FBI investigation.

    Bush and his family so far have declined to be interviewed by NCAA and Pac-10 investigators. Cornwell said they were unwilling to provide information that could be used by Watkins, but indicated he was willing to cooperate.
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    Dirty, dirty... to bad this will still get swept under the rug.
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    The FBI? Really? This is not that serious of an issue that the FBI needs to waste their time on... :dis:
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    The FBI isn't investigating because of the Bush's involvement, they are working it from the angle that the agent/lawyer(s) broke federal laws which have had to written in the past several years due to the unscrupulous agents.

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