Report: Inspectors Find Potential Cluster Bombs In Iraq

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    Report: Inspectors Find Potential Cluster Bombs In Iraq

    POSTED: 6:49 a.m. EST March 10, 2003

    WASHINGTON -- A report out Monday says weapons inspectors have found a new variety of rocket in Iraq.

    The New York Times cites American officials who say inspectors discovered a rocket apparently intended to scatter small bombs filled with chemical or biological agents over a wide area. The paper says it was provided a copy of the inspectors' report. It says the report referred to videotapes showing tests of a "cluster bomb."

    Secretary of State Colin Powell did not refer to such bombs in TV appearances Sunday, but noted that the U.N. report discusses the possibility of Iraq having drone aircraft that would violate weapons restrictions.

    Powell has been leading efforts to muster the nine necessary votes for an Iraq ultimatum in the U.N. Security Council. He says he's within "striking distance" of getting the votes -- but that France appears ready to use its veto power.

    Powell is holding out hope that a majority of U.N. Security Council members will approve an ultimatum giving Saddam Hussein until March 17 to disarm. But as he made the rounds of Sunday talk shows, Powell acknowledged that some permanent council members remain opposed and could veto the resolution.

    Those countries are France, Russia and China.

    Powell said on CNN that the United States is "making some progress" toward winning some council members over. A vote is expected this week at the United Nations.

    On ABC's "This Week," President George W. Bush's national security adviser rejected suggestions that the March 17 deadline be extended to win more Security Council support. Condoleezza Rice said Saddam could disarm "tomorrow if he wants to do it. We don't need more time."

    by The Associated Press.

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