Report: Villanova Invites Big East Football Schools To Join Them In FCS

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    From but it's a pretty funny story. The "inside joke" about it are that the Big East's commish said at the media days that "The Big East has never been stronger".

    PHILADELPHIA, PA - After considering a move to the FBS level to join the Big East Conference as a full-time football member, Villanova University has come up with a better solution...let the Big East come to them.

    The TNIAAM Times-Picayune has learned that Villanova has asked the eight football members of the Big East Conference to drop from the FBS level to the FCS level in order to combine their efforts.

    "This is a complicated issue with numerous, multi-dimensional factors that come into play," said Villanova President Peter Donohue, "When we investigated the scenarios we came to the conclusion it would be better for everyone to just stop wasting all that money and join us down here where they can actually be competitive."

    According to high-ranking sources, the league schools are heavily-considering the move.

    "The way I see it...we're 1-10 against BCS teams but 9-0 against FCS teams" said West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart, "We could drop to FCS and have the exact same outcomes. It's a no-brainer."

    Donohue said that the Villanova board of trustees "conducted a careful and complete analysis" of all the factors. Their conclusion was that they'd be "batsh*t insane to proactively join up with that group of football teams."

    In fact, the school is also considering other options based on conference realignment.

    Says Donohue, "The way we see it, we're not THAT far from New York City. NJ Transit train'll get you there in an hour and change. So, if Jim Delany's reading this...give me a ringle."

    For schools like Syracuse, it's a chance to become a prominent football program again.

    "Look at the way we've dominated Akron, Maine and Colgate this year," Syracuse Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross said. "Imagine if we cut out all those Washingtons and Boston Colleges and just focused on these winnable games?"

    Added Gross, "We're New York's College Team so let's play other New York schools. Cornell, Binghamton, Siena. Does Siena have a football team? I guess we'll find out."

    Around the country, reaction has been a mixture of confusion and concern.

    "The Big East is moving to FCS?," said Alabama head coach Nick Saban. "I thought they already were."

    Some Big East officials aren't so sure about the move.

    "This conference is the strongest I've ever seen it," said Big East Commissioner John Marinatto. "Of course, I just got here. What did I miss between 1990 and 2007? It's not like we've had perennial powers like Miami or Virginia Tech to lead the way."

    The Big East schools are expected to vote on the move Tuesday. A unanimous vote to make the move is expected and there are rumors the move will be "immediate." According to one source, "let's get out of here right now so we can win some games."
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    They need to strip the mandatory BCS bowl berth from that conference.

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