republican hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by LaSalleAve, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Tend to agree here LaSalle. The trend to government intrusion and the "nanny state" is disturbing in the extreme. I can see having a health board oversee the cleanliness and sanitation of places and people who do these procedures but NOT what people choose to do to their body's. However no right is absolute and some limits are needed. That is the job of the whole society NOT a rump that feels they know what is best. BTW the Rs are hypocrites but the Ds whore themselves for government intervention.
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    Yeah, the democrats are just as bad, I just think sometimes on this board they get shit on way more than the R's do so I gotta be the equal shitter.
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    These guys need term limits. I dont understand why the president gets a limit but old fucks get to stay in charge for 20 years.
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    Rs and Ds are essentially the same. Put them all out..
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    Rick Santorum wanted the govt to stop intruding on our lives and to scale back regulation.....but also wanted to outlaw porn to some capacity.
    Fucking idiot.

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    title is synonymous
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    And why this won't pass without Democratic support. Half of Arkansas' House of Reps are Democrats.

    If you like your doctor... ;)
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