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    I found this article in the Times Picayunne...thought i might share it with ya'll

    LSU Baseball News...LSU reshapes after season


    By Wright Thompson
    Staff writer/The Times-Picayune

    BATON ROUGE -- With the baseball season finally over LSU coach Smoke Laval is busy tying up loose ends. He's spent the past few days doing exit interviews with players, finding out who's staying, who's going and who's not sure.

    Some of the issues at hand:

    -- Rocky Scelfo: The freshman infielder likely will transfer, Laval said. Scelfo had thought about going to Texas Tech but is still looking for the best combination of playing time and scholarship money. Laval said he's helping Scelfo find a school.

    "He wants to play every single day, and I can see his point," Laval said.

    -- Lane Mestepey: The sophomore left-hander is having arm problems and might need surgery. Laval expects to hear from doctors today to find out if it is necessary.

    -- Wally Pontiff: The junior third baseman, drafted in the 21st round by the Oakland Athletics, is coming back for his senior season, Laval said.

    -- Chris Phillips: The senior catcher, who went undrafted, was signed as a free agent by the Kansas City Royals. He's moving to Spokane, Wash., and will play his first minor-league game Tuesday.

    "Just got eliminated from the World Series the other day, and now I'm getting ready to play minor-league baseball," he said.

    Phillips was in his driveway, preparing to drive to Shreveport from Baton Rouge, when the Class A Spokane Indians called. A scout from the Royals visited Tuesday with Phillips, who will stay with a host family in Washington.

    "I'm fired up," he said.

    -- Jake Tompkins: The junior closer who was drafted in the 28th round by the Texas Rangers, said he will make a decision about what he will do in the next few weeks.

    "I'm going to be headed home to California and discussing things with my parents," he said.

    -- Bo Pettit: This situation is tricky. Everyone thought the junior pitcher, who was drafted in the 13th round, would turn professional. The LSU coaching staff recruited with that mind-set, focusing on pitchers instead of a much-needed power hitter.

    "I need one more hitter, and that was going to be Pettit's scholarship," Laval said.

    Pettit, though, isn't sure what he wants to do. Pettit told Laval he was 91 percent sure he was returning to LSU.

    "Why not 90?" Laval asked him.

    "Because everybody says 90," Pettit replied.

    Lots of other people are interested in Pettit's services. He said he would gather information during a meeting with a scout Tuesday night at his home in Houston.

    -- Sean Barker: After being drafted in the sixth round by Colorado the senior outfielder quickly is making the adjustment from college life to the working world.

    "I'm in negotiations right now with the Rockies, and it could be anywhere from two to four weeks (before going to the minors) right now," Barker said. "I'm cleaning my apartment out right now and helping my roommates move to a different apartment."

    -- Brad David: Drafted in the 17th round by the Atlanta Braves, the junior pitcher was unavailable for comment. Laval didn't know Tuesday afternoon what David planned to do.
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    Thanks for the find, sounds like it is going to be an interesting off season for Laval and Co.
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    What was the cause of Lane Mestepey's arm problems? Was he overused or did he already have problems before coming to LSU?

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