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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by DeathValley, Feb 14, 2003.

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    With all of the talk about repelling the 12% rule on seats in Tiger Stadium people need to realize that it is necessary to allow more seats to include a surcharge. This will help to raise money crutial to our athletic program. That being said I have an idea for a plan about what seats to include in the sucharge plan. All of the chair back seats in the lower bowl on both sides of the stadium will be included in the surcharge. The seats in the north and south endzones would however be left alone and not be effected. Also all of the suites and west endzone club seat would be included in the surcharge, with they all ready are. If they ever renovate the west upper any new suites they build, they would carry the surcharge. As for the upper decks those seats would be left alone except for the few chair backs in the east upper (Tiger Terrace). The chair back seats would carry the seat surcharge. As for the amount of surcharge, they should be reflective of the type of seat it is. Charge more on a suite than a seat in the Tiger Terrace. Seats closer to the 50 yard line in the lower lever chair backs would have a higer surcharge than seats on the 10 yard line. This is just my idea on a plan for the seat surcharge. I hope something can be done that will allow the school and TAF to make more money for our athletic programs while keeping Tiger Stadium the way it is now. I do not want to see the stadium overrun by rich snobs that don't really care about football. I also don't want to have to force people that go to games now to give up their tickets because they cannot afford to keep them. We need to find a balance that will work and please the fans.
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    i totally agree with you on this one.

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