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    Tickets are $25 a person OR $50 a person for VIP tickets which include OPEN BAR, FOOD, and Access to perfered veiwing areas which include sofas and a live video feed of the concert!


    Cowboy Mouth, Benjy Davis Project to headline!



    LSU / Tulane Football Game Takes Place September 29th
    At Superdome

    New Orleans, LA - August 23, 2007 – On Friday,
    September 28th a massive tailgate-like party will take
    place at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans
    to kick off the 1st annual Rival Fest. Headlining the
    event will be New Orleans own Cowboy Mouth while other
    acts set to perform are Baton Rouge's Benjy Davis
    Project (who will also be hosting their record release
    party at the event), former Breedlove front man and
    Austin, Texas favorite Dan Dyer, and Myspace sensation
    and New Orleans native Lauren Barrett. Tickets are
    available now through www.Ticketmaster.com and you
    must be 18+ to get in.

    Rival Fest 2007 will also celebrate all things LSU and
    Tulane with experiential activities, contests, sports
    challenges, special appearances, and much, much more.
    There will be an Abita Beer Garden, where fans can
    congregate and sample Abita's full line-up of
    Louisiana's finest brew along with spicy wings and
    food from New Orleans own WOW Café and Wingery all set
    in a relaxed outdoor setting. For those who like
    gaming there will be an EA Sports gaming lounge where
    fans can compete against former LSU and TULANE alumni
    football players and win copies of NCAA '08 Football
    and Madden '08 Football. A VIP lounge will also exist
    for those who want to relax from the comfort of sofas
    and watch the concert via a live video feed. There
    will also be a coffee bar provided by PJ's Coffee for
    those who need their caffeine fix for the long night
    of entertainment. New Orleans favorite DJs Force Feed
    Radio will also be spinning during the festivities.

    On Saturday September 29th, one of the oldest college
    football rivalries in the country will be revived at
    the Superdome with the renewal of the LSU / Tulane
    football series. The universities have committed to a
    ten-year series alternating between Baton Rouge and
    Orleans. To celebrate this rival revival, five New
    Orleans natives and alumni from the two Universities
    dubbed the GuROUX Marketing Group have created Rival
    Fest 2007. The producers of Rival Fest 2007 are
    committed to making Rival Fest an annual pre-game
    celebration for the LSU / Tulane series. Next year's
    event will take place in Baton Rouge the night before
    the game.

    Steve Ballard, co-founder of Rival Fest 2007, a New
    Orleans native and former standout football player at
    Tulane University (89' – 93') has a special attachment
    for this legendary rivalry: "Having grown up in New
    Orleans, the LSU / Tulane game was always one of the
    biggest and most talked about college sporting events
    around. I'm thrilled to help bring back the series to
    all its glory and to help celebrate that, we have
    created Rival Fest 2007, one-of-a-kind pre-game
    extravaganza for alumni, fans, and friends of both
    schools." Aric Webb, an LSU alumnus and co-founder of
    Rival Fest 2007, added, " We are providing an
    opportunity for fans of to come together, meet up with
    old and new friends, listen to the region's most
    celebrated bands, sample great food and drink all
    while celebrating what makes this State and rivalry so
    special – the people." Stephen Rehage, founder of the
    Voodoo Music Festival and celebrated former LSU
    football player adds, " We need more event activities
    like this that focus on drawing more people back to
    the city for a positive entertainment experience
    resulting in a greater economic impact for the city.
    I'm looking forward to some really great music and
    seeing one of the country's best rivalries return to
    prominence and an LSU victory!"

    About GuROUX Marketing Group:
    The GuRoux Marketing Group was formed though a
    partnership of entertainment marketing specialists
    from New York and L.A., who have returned to their
    hometown of New Orleans to replicate the VIP
    entertainment experiences and more enhanced marketing
    activities for national brands that are typically
    reserved for the events on the "coasts." The GuRoux
    Marketing Group has more than 30 years of combined
    experience producing branded entertainment activities
    and special events throughout the United States,
    working on such events as the Maxim Super Bowl
    Parties, Maxim Hot100, Stuff Casino, Sundance Film
    Festival, The Kentucky Derby, MTV Video Music Awards
    and Grammy's to name a few.

    About Cowboy Mouth:
    For more than 15 years, the members of Cowboy Mouth
    have embraced, embodied, preached and shouted at the
    top of their lungs the joys of their hometown (New
    Orleans), sharing a slice of Mardi Gras heaven with
    fans around the world on 11 recordings and at their
    legendary live shows, which to date have been
    witnessed by more than 8 million and captured best by
    Cake magazine when it noted: "...on a bad night
    they'll tear the roof off the joint and on a good
    night they'll save your soul." There is currently a
    revival of spirits for the band and their fans, as
    well as a resurrection of sorts, of the free-spirited
    music that has always been intrinsic to both Cowboy
    Mouth and their city.

    About Benjy Davis Project:
    The skyrocketing Benjy Davis Project took flight in
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 2001. From humble origins
    as a folk-rock duo playing tiny clubs, today's Benjy
    Davis Project has evolved into an innovative six-piece
    ensemble with hordes of loyal fans in the South and a
    burgeoning audience around America. These admirers are
    drawn to a sound that's been aptly described both as
    "collegiate rock with a Southern influence" and
    "harmony-laden acoustic pop" for its eclectic blend of
    original material, the innocence and spontaneity of
    '60s rock, and the band's roots in South Louisiana
    culture. The Benjy Davis Project defines the new face
    of Southern rock. The band's latest album, "Dust," is
    being released August 21st.

    About Dan Dyer:
    Hailing from Texas, Dan Dyer got into to the thriving
    Austin music scene when he formed and fronted the band
    Breedlove. A few years later Dan moved to New York
    City to pursue his solo career. A chance meeting with
    Lenny Kravitz resulted in a recording contract with
    Roxie Records and in early 2003 Dyer began work on his
    debut album, "What Lies Beneath" with Kravitz serving
    as producer and backing musician, along with guitarist
    Craig Ross. He has performed at the famed Austin City
    Limits, the infamous Voodoo Music Experience and most
    recently reunited with his former Austin based band
    Breedlove for a series of reunion dates. Currently Dan
    is working on his second solo record.

    About Lauren Barrett:
    Lauren Barrett, a New Orleans native, has been
    entertaining audiences since age 12, when she began
    singing with her father's oldies cover band. After
    moving to Austin, TX, Lauren's solo act as a
    singer/guitarist/pianist quickly developed her a
    devoted fan base on the renowned 6th Street. In 2004,
    Lauren moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with Goo Goo
    Dolls' drummer Mike Malinin to record her EP, "This is
    Real." Along with her regular performances and
    recording sessions, she has been the finalist in
    several national songwriting/performance competitions
    including Star 98.7's Be a Star contest and Clear
    Channel's Radio Star contest. She was just recently
    voted VO5's Next Red Hot Rising Star, in their
    nation-wide search for the next big thing. Lauren is
    working on her new album set to be finished this
    summer. She was recently nominated for LA Music Awards
    Best AAA Album of the Year.

    About Force Feed Radio:
    The New Orleans native tag-team DJ duo better known as
    Force Feed Radio, started as a mixtape series by Bryan
    Normand [aka DJ Jive] and Patrick Bowden [aka DJ
    Kemistry]. Armed with only two turntables and a
    mixer, Force Feed Radio combines the elements of
    current pop music with indie sub-culture as well as
    classic party anthems to create a live interactive mix
    show. From Led Zepplin to Lil' Jon, the Force Feed
    Radio team turns genre blending into a new music
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    thanks for the info!! :thumb:

    we are flying in early on friday and get to nola around 11:00 so we can meet with the contractor about our house. hopefully, we can go to this. i am not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day yet. i will pass this on to greenie!
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    This is a GREAT idea, for $50 bucks all the Abita Beer I can drink and some good tunes. It will be the best $100 bucks I will spend this year!

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