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    Rivals 2006 Top 100 list

    Of their 27 5-star recruits, LSU has one comittment and 6 showing interest, including #1 and #2.

    LSU also has one 4-star comittment.

    Two other louisiana recuits in the top-100.
  2. Veritas

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    May 4, 2003
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    this is going to be a very good recruiting class.
  3. G_MAN113

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    You know, regardless of how you feel about Nick Saban and how he handled his departure, you have to admit that we owe the man a lot for putting us in a position to recruit kids like this. The closer we get to kickoff, the more enthusiastic I become about Les Miles continuing that tradition of excellence
    Saban started.

    Where LSU football is concerned, my friends, it's like Carly Simon said: "These
    are the good old days."
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    You're absolutely correct. Saban knew what he had to do in order to get and to keep getting talent like this, and I'm sure Les Miles understands the importance of keeping the machine running.

    I've always believed that there were fundamentally sound top tier programs (LSU, Florida and Texas, just to name three) and there were smoke and mirror types (Nebraska and Kansas State) that lack a vital cog or two necessary to win and keep winning in this age of increasingly leveled competition due to scholarship limits, etc.

    Nebraska, sure, they get and keep tons of in-state talent, but they used to supplement that heavily with Californians who now go to places they should go, like USC. Kansas State...well, what they've done the past 10 years is nothing short of miraculous.

    LSU has some unique advantages----sole major university in a football talent-rich state that borders two other football talent-rich states, Texas and Mississippi---that even the Texas-es and Floridas can't match.

    In short, there's no reason, none at all, why LSU should not stay a top tier program. Only mismanagement---by coaches, by the administration---can bring this program low.
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    42 players were dropped and added to this first ranked list. Future rankings will change too, but not this much. The attached file shows the number of players by state by position.

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