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    I know that we like to focus and play one game at a time...but this is just for fun and things are pretty slow during the bye let's analyze the teams ahead of us and see what help we need...

    #5 Florida State
    October 11 No. 2 Miami 12:00 PM ET -
    October 18 at Virginia TBA -
    October 25 Wake Forest TBA -
    November 1 at Notre Dame 2:30 PM ET -
    November 8 at Clemson TBA -
    November 15 N.C. State TBA -
    November 29 at No. 24 Florida

    *looking at this schedule, I'm going to have to root for Miami next weekend...FSU can easily run the table...NC State has only Philip Rivers and FSU's strong D can contain one man...we do know the Florida always plays them tough...maybe they can pull off the upset...but as of now, Miami looks to be our best shot..

    #4 Ohio State
    October 11 at Wisconsin 9:00 PM ET -
    October 18 No. 19 Iowa 3:30 PM ET -
    October 25 at Indiana TBA -
    November 1 at Penn State TBA -
    November 8 Michigan State TBA -
    November 15 No. 23 Purdue TBA -
    November 22 at No. 11 Michigan 12:00 PM ET

    *i'm not really worried about Ohio State..i know they are in the same scenario as last year but they had a better team last year...their offense isn't near as powerful as it was last year....they might lose next weekend to a solid wisconsin team....iowa will be tough...they should easily beat dinerdos hoosiers, joes lions...but MSU, purdue, and michigan are definite contenders to beat OSU...i will say if OSU is still undefeated by nov. 21st then i don't like our chances

    #3 Virginia Tech
    October 4 at Rutgers 12:00 PM ET -
    October 11 Syracuse 12:00 PM ET -
    October 22 at West Virginia 7:30 PM ET -
    November 1 No. 2 Miami 7:30 PM ET -
    November 8 at No. 18 Pittsburgh TBA -
    November 15 at Temple TBA -
    November 22 Boston College TBA -
    November 29 at Virginia TBA -

    *Take out November 1st, and it appears as if Vtech can easily run the tables....if they do beat miami, then pitt. will be extra tough after an emotional victory...if VTech is undefeated after november 8th, i think they don't lose...virginia maybe but doubtful

    #2 Miami
    October 11 at No. 5 Florida State 12:00 PM ET -
    October 18 Temple TBA -
    November 1 at No. 4 Virginia Tech 7:30 PM ET -
    November 8 No. 7 Tennessee TBA -
    November 15 Syracuse TBA -
    November 22 Rutgers TBA -
    November 29 at No. 18 Pittsburgh TBA

    *Miami doesn't stand a chance to go undefeated...i've seen 3 of there games this year and 1 game in person...not impressive at all especially tonight...even against BC, their offense was unimpressive....i expect losses against FSU and Virginia Tech...the most ideal situation for LSU fans however is for miami to beat those two teams and then lose to UT....if for some unbelieve reason Miami is undefeated by the Pitt. game i still think Pitt. can take them down...not really worried about Miami

    #1 Oklahoma
    October 4 at Iowa State 7:00 PM ET -
    October 11 at No. 13 Texas 3:30 PM ET -
    October 18 Missouri TBA -
    October 25 at Colorado TBA -
    November 1 Oklahoma State TBA -
    November 8 Texas A&M TBA -
    November 15 Baylor TBA -
    November 22 at Texas Tech TBA

    *as strong as OU looks, they are still vunerable...they've lost 2 in a row to OSU, and Texas Tech always lights up their secondary; however, with that being said, if OU beats Texas like usual i see them running the table...Stoops is too good of a coach to let OU lose to the 6 average Big 12 teams they play after Texas...OU definitely has the most favorable schedule...guess i'm going to have to go for the damn Horns on October 11th....


    of course we all know this is a moot point if we come out and lose to florida next weekend but let's go ahead and analyze our schedule one quick time

    #6 LSU

    Florida......i think we win by 11

    @ USC......always a tough road environment in columbia...i think we pull away in the 2nd half though

    Auburn.....this is going to be our toughest game...i hate to say it but Auburn will be as good as advertised by the time we play them....yes, they got manhandled in the first 2 games but that is b/c they have a shitty coach....however, regardless of how bad tubby is, he does know how to fix obvious mistakes...gonna be tough

    LA Tech.....embarrassing...Tech fans think they have a chance to win...they don't....LSU by 31

    Alabama....another tough yet interesting game...history says we beat bama on the road....they already have 3 losses, and they don't look near as strong as the 31-0 butt-whoopin we got last year...i think we win this game fairly easy

    Ole Miss....i hate to say it but this will be our 2nd hardest remaining game on the schedule...for some freak reason, Ole Miss thinks the LSU game is the MNC...they always play lights-out against us...i cannot remember one game where Ole Miss played average...the game is in oxford which shouldn't make too much of a difference...i think we win but not by much

    Arkansas...this will be the biggest game of the year for us...Gameday might consider coming back to town especially if arkansas has only 1 loss or possibly undefeated (unlikely scenario)....correct me if i'm wrong, but the home team has won the past 12 meetings...this one won't be any different...supposedly Jones can pass this season...not against our corners....should be another tight game but i think Tiger Stadium helps LSU pull out the victory, i take my statement back about auburn being the toughest game...if Tenn. makes it i think we win...if Georgia makes it back, it is going to be tough beating one of the best teams in the nation twice in one season....Gaudet kicks a 47 yarder in OT to secure the victory though...

    Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :lsug: :lsug: :lsug: :geaux:
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    I like how you think ... really ... and your "wishing" about Miami over either FSU or VT .... needs to happen .... but after last night I'm seeing a FSU blowout in HALLA TASSEE (that's how Brock will pronounce it when the Seminole Dee is done with him).

    Young man ... I see it this way ... and I've been watching and gambling on College FB exclusively (I don't watch Pro ... except playoff & SB)

    Your assessment of FSU is spot on ... hopes won't help here. I have recently changed my assessment of OKLA as the team to beat.

    FSU will play for a National Championship this year. I hope no other team "BOXES" us out.

    VT is the wild card and can run the table ... Let's pray Miami takes them out

    OSU will self destruct and lose two games ... I see it clearly

    OKLA looks to lose in Austin this year ... It's gonna happen ... with disrespect to LSU ... let's hope Texas does not leap frog over us with 1 loss. Same goes for a close TX/OKLA game where an OKLA team with 1 loss stays above LSU .... should not happen ... but pollsters can be weird.

    Miami , LOL ------------------->moot point after next week

    LSU ----------------------------> Pointless if we have a letdown week.

    But, as I've been posting since August ... this is the year ... schedule and Depth, speed at skill positions and DEFENSE will be enough to run the table ... one game at a time ... next up Florida gators and a young QB Leak who likes to throw INTs. Florida's hopes lie squarely in his hands ... look for a ton of screens and short routes ... he won't have time for more ... when the gators visit ...

    Rat on Booooooooooooge ... that's how leak will pronounce it after the game and 30 good clean licks
  3. LSUstudent

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    i really don't see Texas beating OU this year...this game is in Dallas not Austin which makes things much more neutral....i do agree it will be a great game unlike the 62-7 beating in 2000....however, OU's offense has been surprising this year with Jason White emerging as a great leader....we all know how their D is...OU wins by a Td
  4. SovietGator

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    I've said all along FSU/LSU in the Sugar and will stick to it. You both have the schedule to go all the way. The only other team in the Top 20 with a weaker schedule than LSU is Virginia Tech.

    FSU's schedule is ranked 35th in the nation, LSU's is 92nd.

    LSU will beat Florida by more than 11 points.
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    Just let it shake out. It'll happen. There are NEVER more than two undefeated teams by the time it's all said and done. At least, not legitimate teams - I'm not including MAC, WAC, C-USA, or other second rate conference team. I suppose, eventually, it'll happen, though, and this could be the year. I'm actually looking forward to the year that three (or more) BCS conference schools go undefeated because it will be huge ammo for the anti-BCS crap cause. Of course, all of this talk will be moot if the Tigers don't take care of business in their next game, against Florida.

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    Regardless of what happens to the teams ahead of us, I think we will be through to the Sugar Bowl if we go undefeated AND both Arkansas and Tennessee go undefeated until we play them (Thanksgiving and SECCG resply.) I can't imagine that beating two undefeated teams at season's end won't push us all the way to no. 1 or 2 in the BCS rankings.

    Of course, this is all pretty unlikely, but I'm rooting for the Hogs and the Vols for now.
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    Thats kind of erroneous. SOS is determined only by the games that have already happened. We wont know actual SOS until after all the games are played. We are talking about future games. I can assure you, if we are undefeated at the end of November, our SOS will be much better than 92nd.
  8. JoeReckless

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    Oklahoma only has 1 ranked opponent left. (Texas)

    I think they have the best shot at running the table (given their lofty #1 ranking and all.)

    LSU has it's best chance since I have been alive. (33 years)
  9. SovietGator

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    Good point. That is one bad thing about Spurrier being gone for LSU, we would be undefeated and ranked in the Top 10 to Top 5 right now if he were here and that would help your SOS out a lot.

    Our #24 ranking won't help you much, now if we lose to Ole Piss again, UF not being ranked will kill you.
  10. kjntiger

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    i pull for every team on our schedule(except ol piss, aw burn, allllllllllllabama,arkansis oh well forget it.) seriously if all our opponents do good after we beat them then it helps us in the BCS rankings.

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