Rob Bolden to transfer

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  1. Cajun Sensation

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    I'm surprised it took this long even though he was switched over to WR.

    Michael Bonnette ‏@LSUBonnette 19m
    #LSU is confirming that backup QB/WR Rob Bolden is transferring and will play his final year of football at another school. @LSUfball

    Best of luck to Mr. Bolden who has had quite a journey.

    Sort of wanted him to stick around b/c of how thin we are at the QB position. Couple of injuries and we are in trouble.
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  2. lsutiga

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    He needs to stick around college long enough to get a degree- he's going to need it.
  3. cajdav1

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    I think he was already behind Krags & Bergeron on the depth chart, that's why he moved to WR. So even if both qb's were to get hurt he likely wouldn't have gotten any playing time at qb.
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  4. LaSalleAve

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    What's this his 12th year of college anyway? Didn't he hand the ball off to kijana Carter?
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  5. LSU_4_LIFE

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    Best of luck to Bolden. I hope he finds his way and gets to contribute
  6. red55

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    They say he was moved back to QB after Rettig transferred and was #3 on the chart.
  7. Contained Chaos

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  8. LSUDad

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    More on Jared....

    Excellent athlete who turned down scholarship offers at other SEC schools for the opportunity to walk on to the football and baseball programs at LSU … decided to forgo his LSU football career and devote full attention to baseball in the spring of 2012 … a member of the 2011 SEC champion LSU football team as a back-up quarterback.

    Earned all-state and all-district recognition in baseball (2B) and football (QB) and was selected to play in the 2011 Louisiana High School Baseball All-Star Game … hit .371 in 2011 at Barbe High with nine home runs, 33 RBI and 15 stolen bases … committed only four errors all season as a second baseman … also played two seasons for the Barbe basketball team … a member of the Academic Honor Roll.

    Trey Quinn caught 67 passes for 1,238 yards and nine TDs as a freshman when his quarterback was current LSU baseball outfielder Jared Foster.
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  9. TigerTap


    “I think Clise is a very, very fine third if we’ve got to go to him,” Miles said. “I feel like we’re fine (at quarterback). I still think there’s some competition that’ll be served. I like where we’re at there.” - Les Miles
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  10. LSU_4_LIFE

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    Suit him up!
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