Robert Griffin the Turd

Discussion in 'OTHER SPORTS Forum' started by LaSalleAve, Dec 11, 2013.

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    Oh man, Shanahan is realizing what a few us realized awhile back. Robert Griffin isn't a good enough quarterback to start in the NFL. Sure he is an amazing athlete, sure he has a good arm. But so did Vince Young, where is he now anyway?

    Now that the 2 quarterbacks at Baylor that followed RGnegative3 have done pretty much the same thing, (except rushing stats) is everyone ready to admit that this dude has always been fools gold? Or is it going to take some more embarrassment from him on the field to convince people?

    Tyrann Mathieu's heisman got robbed. It's been a few seasons and no one has even come close to electrifying college football like the Badger has.
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    I gotta hand it to you, my man. You've been railing against RGIII since his days at Baylor, and it turns out, you were right all along. The Badger was definitely robbed. We'll never see anyone that plays football like he did in CFB ever again.
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    I think the Badger lost the Heisman b/c the failed drug test(s) and resulting missed game vs. Auburn in 2011. Damn shame. He deserved the award. If we gave him some touches on offense, he might've won anyway. Too bad, though, he was just too damn valuable on defense to risk it.
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