Running back R.J. Jackson down to 3

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    Looks like he'll sign with Texas:

    We caught up with Westside RB R.J. Jackson to discuss the latest news on whether he landed a Longhorn offer. He spoke to Mack Brown and Co. yesterday and fills us in on the contents of that conversation. The state's No. 9 prospect also narrowed down his long list of favorites to a final three.
    "Texas offered me a scholarship," R.J. Jackson said. "It felt really good to get that offer. I told Coach Brown that I was thankful and grateful. And he said he thought I handled myself very well given all of the speculation the media was doing. I told him that Texas is very high on my list."

    UT recruiting coordinator/running backs coach Mike Haywood actually made Jackson aware almost two weeks ago that the Horns planned to offer him a 'ship...

    Where does the All-Greater Houston standout's list of faves stand today?

    "I have a top three right now... And I know I could play for all three and be very happy," Jackson said. "I just said the other day that I wasn't sure if I could cut it to a top five, and now I have a top three."

    Folks, say hello to finalists LSU, Oklahoma State and Texas.

    The legit 5-11, 197-pounder said a final decision could come in the very near future.

    "I know it's something I wanted to do before," said the standout senior-to-be regarding his desire to end the suspense early. "And I think I am going to commit real soon."

    Could be within the next couple of weeks or it could be earlier.

    Jackson is looking for overall fit, depth charts (read: doesn't want to redshirt), education, running back tradition (and/or sending RBs to the NFL), opportunity to play for championships, etc.

    On LSU: "Coach (Nick) Saban is just cool. He does a lot for the kids there. He really looks out for them in the classroom and athletically. That's just how their whole staff is. And, they have a lot more running backs in the League than people know. Also, they don't redshirt their backs."

    On OSU: "Tatum Bell graduated and I feel like I could go there and play early. They have a wonderful tradition of putting out great 'backs there. Coach (Les) Miles also has that program on the rise and close to a Big 12 championship. And, playing with Bobby Reid would be really cool."

    On Texas: "They're known for their running backs. Plus, Cedric Benson is graduating next year. I'm friends with George (Walker), (Andrew) Kelson and them. And they signed a good recruiting class last year and they're signing a good class this year. So, I know they're going to keep on doin' real well."

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