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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsu99, Jan 4, 2002.

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    When asked yesterday morning on the local morning radio show in Houston if there were any needs still remaining for the recruiting season, Saban surprised me a little by identifying the need for a top notch QB recruit. He mentioned that Mauck proved he could perform well in adverse conditions but stopped short of claiming that one of the three young QB's will emerge for the next 3+ years. He even said something like the program needed a top notch QB to get to where it wants to be year in and year out.

    While I had been hearing about Vincent Young from Houston (Madison H.S., I think) all year and about his tremendous talent, it wasn't until today that I realized LSU is in the running to sign him. I've heard he is a slight lean to Texas with LSU still very much in the picture. He's a top 5 Senior QB this year so he may be what Saban was referring to. I don't know a lot about him, but I've heard things like he's 6'5" with 4.4 speed and a rocket for an arm. Anybody else know anything about LSU's interest in him or his potential as a QB?
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    I live in Houston, spot for a major prep school her, and am a big LSU fan and alum.
    The short story is he is the finest qb I have personally seen play this year. 6 FOOT 4 INCHES AND 200 LBS of sheer speed and throwing ability.
    More importantly, he appears to have a good head on his shoulders.
    If he were to commit to and sign with LSU, his signing along with the others already in teh fold would vault them to the number 2 spot behind the Longhorns.
    Keep all of your fingers crossed.
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    Also considering Miami

    Most are saying Young is considering Miami and Texas over LSU. I don't know why he'd want to go to Miami as there are about 5 QBs currently on roster with Berlin's possible transfer unsettled at this time. Texas has a 10 game winning QB coming back next year with a RS freshman and a RS soph back as well. With all due respect to the returning Tiger QBs (and I like 'em), If I'm young Mr. Young, I'd take my shot in Baton Rouge.
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    Young looks unreal

    I watched a bit of the Army all-star game. This guy is a freak with absolutely mad game. I read recently that Miami is out because Berlin is going there - but LSU is a long shot to get him over the 'Horns. I don't see why a top-notch QB would not be begging for a shot to play for LSU with Davey gone and the stable of backs and receivers at LSU. I'm rooting for the Tigers to pull this one out - Young will be the next Vick. Take that to the bank.

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