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    Saban's radio show was really upbeat last night. I'm sure it being a bye week had something to do with it, but Saban gave great answers, and the fans even cheered a couple of the callers. Talk about great fans!

    This year Saban has really taken time to explain some of the things the team is trying to do on the field. Last week he explained to a caller the difficulties a QB faces on the field, and I don't know of many coaches who would answer that question so thoroughly and clearly. He really takes his time with the questions, and he cares about the answers he gives.

    Saban doesn't talk down to callers - he is very respectful of each caller, and shows a willingness to answer questions even when it's addressed to him in the form of frustration or disappointment (ie the receivers dropping balls, Mauch's play, etc). And he likes good questions too. Last week a lady asked what were the circles she sees on the sidelines, and it was clear he really liked the question (he explained that the 11 circles are used for special teams, to ensure all 11 players are accounted), and told her it was the best question he'd ever been asked.

    Last night Saban took everyone through the no-huddle offense - the method the offense has to use to get off the plays (hand and foot signals), and how the home team's fans can throw off the communcation & development of those plays, and why, and it was like listening to a professor, he explained it so well. Saban mentioned the louder the home team's fans are, the more difficult it is to run the no-huddle offense (and of course he explained exactly why), and that when USC comes in, he would hope the fans are as loud as they were this past Saturday, as USC is another team that uses a no-huddle offense during the course of a game.

    There seems to be a difference with Saban this year, and when I was on the phone with someone at the TAF this summer, he mentioned the same thing - that Saban has become much more approchable & accessible since the Sugar Bowl. Also, that he is more patient, and that he jokes around much more than he did the 1st two years.

    When I listen to his show, I sit there saying to myself how fortunate we are to have him as a coach. It's no wonder the Miami-Ohio QB sent that letter to him. The class the team demonstrated after the Miami game is a direct reflection of our coach, and IMO it gives us a lot to be proud of.
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    Thanks for the report.

    Many have noticed how much more comfortable Saban has been lately. I would guess that he is finally felling "at-home" now. He has become a local and is no longer the outsider that has come into town. Now that he realizes that the LSU fans are sincere in their hospitality toward him he can really settle in and become more relaxed.
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    I truly believe LSU has the best Coach in the SEC. I think Fran at Alabama is a great coach, and arguably Phat Phil at Tennessee but Saban has owned him of late.

    With Tubby and Nutt bringing up the rear as the boobs of the SEC.
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    Nick the Great

    I agree with the concensus about Saban. But we got to make him feel at home. The guy seems to have answers we need, and he adjusts to problems fast. I especially like the way he rewards his assistants. The coach is so well liked and needed; as a typical LSU fan I wonder when he's leaving.
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    I agree about Nick Saban. I've supported every coach we've had. The first few years, I thought that Dinardo was the best thing since sliced bread. But Saban has higher standards & holds his players to high standards. If we do our home work, we will keep Saban. I believe he will be here as long as his kids are in school & longer if we treat him right. With the salary he is getting, we are going a long way in treating him right.

    Go Tigers!

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