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    Transcript of Coach Saban speech to team after game

    The Kid says:

    Alright... everybody get in here, take a knee. No I mean it get in close, I
    want everybody in close together, because I can barely talk. Jordy get the
    hell out of here.


    Everybody quiet...QUIET. Some of you juniors and seniors, it's going on
    three years and by now you guys know me well enough to know that
    there's no way in hell I can really be happy about this game. And I'm sorry.
    I know it's a big thing for everybody else -- and it's a great feeling, and it's
    better to be on this end of it than the other end. But for those of you who
    know me, you know that I can't be happy about this. Maybe inside of your
    own heads you can, but I can't. There came a point in this game where in
    the third quarter, both offensively and defensively when we should have put
    this game away. I give all the credit in the world to the players in that other
    locker room, but we should have dominated that team over there realtive to
    the strengths on this football team and the strengths on that one.

    And I'll tell you I'm angry about it. Unfortunately for us, they're going to be
    replaying this game all week -- you're going to hear about this game all the
    time. But instead of saturating your minds with this, I challenge each and
    every one of you to do something different. Instead of the 24-hour rule
    that we have, let's take this game, this game because what happened out
    there was so unusual relative to reality, relative to what normally happens,
    let's take this game and say "You know what, we're going to change our 24
    hour rule into a 24-minute rule." Meaning that it'll be over as soon as we're
    done here.

    The reason I say that is because I can't think of any other way to re-direct
    my anger about what went on in the second half of that football game
    today. And when I think of the Alabama game, I see a tremendous
    oppotunity for us to rectify what went on here today. Of course, Alabama
    can't win the SEC Championship -- and we're the defending SEC
    Champions. So this is their SEC Championship. They're over there saying
    "Oh the NCAA stopped us from going to going to the championship, so we
    we're going to show them that we're the best team in the conference by
    beating LSU in Baton Rouge. Can you imagine the f**k*ng nerve. Can you
    imagine the F**king nerve. Another words, we got caught cheating, so
    we're going to go out and show the rest of the conference that we're really
    the best team, even though we're cheaters. I'll tell you right now, I'mnot
    letting that bulls**t happen to our SEC Championsip. Well, that's our SEC
    Championship. That's our SECChampionship that we earned on the field.
    That's our SEC Championship that the kids over there with thousands of
    dollars in their pockets are trying to redeem their season with.
    I guarantee to you that will be the best team we've faced all year. Probably
    the only one that's so obviously broken the rules. I mean do we get to do
    pas intereference all game? Dominick, you look like you've been through hell
    today, brusises all over -- at the end of the game do I say, here's
    $200,000? Have I ever given you $200,000? Believe me, I'd like to -- but
    that's the rules. That's the rules.

    I'll tell you the answer - No. Hell No. F**K No. I am a competitor. I want win
    with what I earned,what we as a team have earned -- not with what I some
    f**king booster gave me. Everyone in this room wanted to come here --
    and maybe some of you were offered money to go otherplaces. What F**
    King nerve -- we don't want the team in Atanta to be the best team in
    conference????? Are you kidding me??? If no one else says it I'll say it.
    THAT IS BULLSH**T. Let me tell you something, the best will be in Atlanta
    this year. Whether it's us or somebody else. After we get through with
    Alabama, no one will doubt that the best team will be in Atlanta.

    And you know what, I don't care if Tyler Watts and every kid on that team
    is driving a Lexus...


    I don't care if we have to physically make the referees look at the ******
    Jumbotron on every F***king play


    I don't care of if all of their players get a Chrsitmas bonus and a 401k


    I don't care if Matt's out for this season...If Toe's got a broken arm...If
    Damon leaves the team...If marcus is playing on half a leg...


    If you're an American, if you like to compete, if you like football then those
    sh*tholes with numbers on their helmets coming into Tiger Stadium --
    talking with all of their bulls**T about the best team in the conference
    should make you very, very ANGRY. This is a stake in the coffin game. Get
    close everybody. I know there have been a lot of distractions -- I don't give
    a sh*t abbout anything else that's going on. From a coaching standpoint,
    Coach Fischer and Coach Muschamp and all of us are going to put you in a
    position to win that game -- and I don't mean like last year when we kind of
    dominated the game, but only won by two touchdowns. I mean a total F**
    ing game from everyone on team.

    Is there anybody in this room who thinks we've put together a complete
    game this year -- anybody? No. Well, from this moment on -- understand
    it, feel it, know it that everything we do this week relative to preparation
    right up and execution of every moment -- right up until the very last
    second of that game will be focussed on total and complete domination.

    LSU fans.... can i ask why?just thought maybe you guys would have some insight on why Saban is so pissed at Alabama?
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    Oct 24, 2002
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    there is no way that this is legit. It is complete bullshit that was created by some bama fan just to piss off bama players and fans. Saban is a respectful man and would never say these types of things.
  3. bayoutider

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    Oct 29, 2002
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    That is total BS. Saban never said that. The author of that is on another LSU board laughing his butt off at everyone that is duped by that. Don't be so easy BAMAFAN02:D
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    I've been trying to tell my Bama fan buddies that this was a hoax. They don't know Jordy but I do. If he was removed from the locker room ("Jordy, get out of here!"), that means no media were present. If no media were present, who the heck transcribed the post-game comments to the team? Nobody, that's who.

    Coaches might have their own ideas about other teams and might even use negative info in recruiting, but I don't think Saban or any other coach (except maybe Tuberville ;)) would tell his team something like this.

    Hey, we're looking forward to the game and we hope it's on ESPN. I've been in Tiger Stadium under that noonday sun. It's brutal.

    Congrats again on the fantastic win over Kentucky. BTW, that's an Auburn Tiger in my sig. :D
  5. tigermark

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    The guy's name is Damian, not Damon. Anyone who would have heard and written down a speech by Saban would know that... :rolleyes: Crazy Bummers...
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    Wher'd you get this BamaFan ??

    This sounds more like something I would say rather than Coach Saban. Coach Saban doesn't speak like this. It has to be a hoax. He's not into motivational talking like this. He curses a little but not like that.

    He's more about preparation and the motivational stuff comes from his assistants because he doesn't do it well. Check out the credibility of this because it means squat, I'm pretty sure.
  7. BAMAFAN03

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    i didnt think i was making a big deal about it i simply asked why, but for some reason it comes back on me... go figure. anyway bruce heres the link to the lsu board it was posted on... i dont know if it will still be there, bc of how that board works, but you can feel free to try.http:


    anyway. to all of you other LSU fans im sorry if i offended you in some way, but i didnt try to make it sound like some sort of attack at LSU i simply asked why. so again if the post was some how offensive then im sorry, but it was a question
  8. bayoutider

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    Oct 29, 2002
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    That was the same thing I had heard so I couldn't believe this was in fact Nick talking. The hoax was also posted on tidefans and they went ballistic till a few cooler heads told them it was a hoax. Of course we have had our chain yanked so often lately some have real short fuses over there lol. Me too sometimes. :rolleyes: :eek:
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    Re: Wher'd you get this BamaFan ??

    Saban doesn't speak like that to the media but I have never been around a football coach who couldn't hold his own with any drill seargent when he was talking to his team. Of course this
    "transcript" could not possibly be a verbatim account of what Nick said word for word and I don't believe that Bamafan 03 wrote it himself, Saban could have probably said a few things similar to some of the things in the "transcript" Saban didn't get to the position he is in without having at least some motivational skills.
    It is not all X's and O's. Saban might not be Dale Brown when it comes to motivation but I'm sure that depite being glad the Tigers won even if it took a miracle, he was still pissed off at the way the team played in the 4th quarter. The players where in a euphoric state of mind because of the way they won, even though they didn't deserve to win the way they played. Rather than let it ride into the next week with the play being shown over and over on TV (The Play was ESPN's #1 highlight of the week) the post game locker room was the perfect time and place to pop their emotional bubble and try to get the team focused on Alabama. Of course Nick wouldn't have trash talked the Tide the way the "transcript" said (to do so at that time would have been irrelevant to the situation at hand) It was important to get the team to realize that they didn't deserve to win the way they played and that they couldn't count on any such miracles the rest of the season (For that matter for the rest of their lives for a play like that to happen again)
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    To think that Saban could ad-lib a 5 minute speech like that half an hour after the most improbable win I have ever seen, i don't think so.

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