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    * Unrestricted (9 total):
    o Billy Miller
    o Dan Campbell
    o Kendrick Clancy
    o Scott Fujita
    o Darren Sharper
    o Pierson Prioleau
    o Nick Leckey
    o Mark Brunell
    o Darnell Dinkins

    * Restricted (21 total):
    o Pierre Thomas
    o Chris Reis
    o Lance Moore
    o Dave Thomas
    o Usama Young
    o Marvin Mitchell
    o Jermon Bushrod
    o Zach Strief
    o Tory Humphrey
    o Kyle Eckel
    o Rodney Leisle
    o Anthony Waters
    o Roman Harper
    o Remi Ayodele
    o Jahri Evans
    o Jammal Brown
    o Anthony Hargrove
    o Leigh Torrence
    o Courtney Roby
    o Mike Bell
    o Jeff Charleston

    Our priority should be:

    1. Pierre Thomas
    2. Jahri Evans
    3. Darren Sharper
    4. Jamaal Brown/Jermon Bushrod (I doubt we sign both)
    5. Roman Harper
    6. Scott Fujita
    7. Lance Moore
    8. Dave Thomas
    9. Anthony Hargrove
    10. Courtney Roby
    11. Zach Strief
    12. Kendrick Clancy

    Not sure about anyone else. Mike Bell about 8 games into the season, you certainly would say we have to sign him long term. But he was basically useless the last half of the season and forgotten come playoff time. Clancy will probably depend on how he has recovered with his injury. He was supposed to be a run stuffer and we certainly were weak up the middle with Ellis not getting any help from the other DT.

    Regarding restricted free agents, the Saints will have the right to match any offer they sign with another team. And if the Saints choose to let them go to other teams, they could receive draft picks as compensation, depending on the size of the one-year contract tender the Saints offer them.

    Dates of Importance:

    * Feb 11: Beginning of period in which teams can designate franchise and transition players.
    * Feb 15: Deadline for designating ONE additional transition players (CBA Art. LVI, Section 4).
    * Feb 25: Deadline for designating franchise and transition players (up to 3 total, 1 franchise tag and 2 transition tags).
    * Mar 5: New League Year starts, this includes:
    o Deadline for NFL and NFLPA to come to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement to void uncapped year.
    o Deadline for submission of qualifying offers by clubs to their restricted free agents whose contracts have expired and to whom they desire to retain a right of first refusal/compensation.
    o Deadline for clubs to submit offer of minimum salary to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with fewer than three seasons of free agency credit whose contracts have expired.
    o Beginning of free-agent signing period (12:01 AM ET).
    o Beginning of trade period (12:01 AM ET).

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